Problems You might Face with Online Education

Problems You might Face with Online Education
Problems You might Face with Online Education
October 1, 2016

Most journals or articles on online education mostly dwell on the benefits and positive aspects of online degrees with little or nothing said about the other side of the coin. It is also undeniable that online education has more advantages than drawbacks, but it does not mean that it is devoid of any hassle. Most of the students who sue for online degrees have some practical problems that make them bound to prefer online courses rather than traditional education. Let us have a look at the limitations and disadvantages of online education.

Online education often helps unworthy people to get an upper hand

There is a category of workers that are contented with their positions but there are also the ambitious ones that are anxious to keep moving up the ladder without necessarily giving labor to obtain a degree. Online education comes in the assistance of the job-doers, handicapped people or housewives, which is no doubt a positive side. But, a professional group takes the opportunity and help unworthy people get certified and become influential.

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Online education does not ensure quality education

Without mincing words, online education does have some benefits especially that of flexibility. Students are no longer confined by time and space from seeking quality education at whatever level they wish. A great emphasis still lies on the cut cost which is by far the strongest lure for students

Most students attending online education drop out

A student once reported that about thirty percent of those he worked with at one point or another made an attempt to obtain an online nursing degree from Excelsior College. However, only a little percentage (less than five) of them ever graduated. The overall percentage of online course dropout is placed at around twenty percent.

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Online education is burdened by distraction

The high percentage of dropout in online courses can be attributed to distraction. Not everyone is genius enough to balance their work with their studies. It is either their job suffers or their education will and most of the time they will pick their job over their education because of the obvious reason that it is their source of livelihood.

Difficulty to cope with online education

If you have no prior educational background, coping with online education can be a great task. This is associated with the learning isolation that you would most likely feel. The learning structure can also feel strange and students rarely get enough guidance unlike the traditional education.

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Online education creates more problems than it solves

An online education analyst while making comparison between online education and the traditional brick and mortar schools hinted that online education solves a lesser part of the education problem than it creates. He mentioned that brick and mortar schools have curriculum that is not tailored to the individual (which online education eliminates) but the online education also takes away the social bond that comes from classroom interaction.

The wrong people are attracted to online colleges

There are indications that majority of those who sign up for online courses are those that would normally need the kind of support provided by traditional colleges to succeed. This explains why they easily lose interest in the program along the way. Self-motivation and self-discipline has a great role to play in the successful completion of an online course.

Knewton is a revolution in online education

Knewton is a learning platform that is looking to provide a more individual oriented learning experience. It is still in the preparation phase after which it would be made public. The platform will largely rely on computers and the internet to bring this mass customization to the students – an idea that should thrill anyone that has had a shot at online education.

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Article highlights

  • There is more information on the advantages of online education than the failure.
  • Ambitious workers use online education to enhance their career.
  • Online learning often encourages fake students.
  • Online education has eliminated the bonding of classroom learning.
  • Most students drop out while taking online education.
  • Only a small percentage of workers who enroll in online education graduate.
  • Students can easily lose motivation in online education.
  • It is harder to cope with online education if you have no prior education.
  • Knewton is a new learning platform that is under development.
  • Students often take to online education to save cost.

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