Reasons behind Increasing Demand for Distance Education

Reasons behind Increasing Demand for Distance Education
Reasons behind Increasing Demand for Distance Education
January 20, 2017

There is an increasing ease of application for education courtesy of the distance learning platform provided by a number of institutions. Students that go through the online education are exposed to online test solutions, corporate training and are assisted in choosing the degree subjects. The beauty of it all is that students tend to enjoy a comfortable education system.

Basic and advanced degrees can be acquired through the distance learning

There is no limitation to number and types of degrees that can be gotten through the distance learning platform. Both the basic degrees (B.Sc. for all subjects, B.A for all specializations, B.A. LLB, BBA, BCA, and so on) and higher degrees ( in all subjects, MBA, M.A in all subjects and so on.

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Distance learning is well-known for its flexibility

One of the attractions to distance education is that it allows the students to study at their own pace and time. This favors those who have jobs which take most of their time and would normally not allow them to enroll in regular education. Another reason that makes distance learning a choice for many is the cost effectiveness. Students who go through the online learning experience tend to save the cost of transportation and accommodation because they can study from any location of convenienceonce they have internet access.

Online degrees have support centers where students can obtain information

Application for a degree program or advanced degrees follows some procedures which students can easily obtain through the university’s website. The application procedure of one university may differ remarkably from that of another university. Online support is usually available on all working days of the week (Monday to Friday).

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Management institute encompass member universities

The most popular management institutes have more than one hundred universities and colleges under them. These colleges and universities synergize to strengthen the distance and regular education in the country by allowing these universities and colleges to deliver their subjects in different sessions.

Online education has clear-cut norms

It is more difficult to monitor online education more than the regular campus education and this has necessitated clear cut norms and guiding principles which online universities must adhere to ensure quality. The aspects that the norms cover include admission procedure, eligibility criteria, duration of study, the system of credit transfer and evolution.

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Distance learning has many advantages over the regular education

The distance learning environment makes it possible for a few instructors to educate a large number of students – a feat that cannot be achieved with the regular education. This reduces the cost of delivering quality higher education. It also opens up new scope of learning to those who naturally would have found it difficult to impossible going for advanced education.

Online education has various contributions to the educational system

Online education has greatly incorporated the growing twenty first century social network structure into the educational system. The resultant effect is that it offers students flexible courses in selected universities, makes them in tune with technology through educational technology, leads to innovation and change professional development. Students also have learning resources at their finger tip.

Learning materials and online curriculum should go through the normal stage of quality control

To ensure its continued quality and prevent imposters who are only concerned about their pockets from hijacking the online education, it is paramount that all developed course materials go through the normal stages of quality control. Newer management institutes have counselors who attend to student queries and provide useful feedback, motivate and encourage the students to facilitate their learning success.

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Article highlights

  • The application process for online education has been made a lot simpler.
  • Online education makes it possible for fewer tutors to teach a large number of students.
  • Virtually any form and level of education can be acquired through distance learning.
  • Distance learning allows students to study at their own pace.
  • Students are able to save cost by studying online.
  • All the information required by a student is available on the university’s website.
  • Online universities have guiding principles to ensure and maintain quality.
  • Online learning keeps students in tune with the technological trends.
  • All course materials should be subject to the normal stages of quality control.
  • Management institutions synergize universities for improved efficiency.

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