Reasons Why You Should Attend a Course on Online Marriage and Family Therapy

Reasons Why You Should Attend a Course on Online Marriage and Family Therapy
Reasons Why You Should Attend a Course on Online Marriage and Family Therapy
October 1, 2016

Chasing a higher degree in your field of study is a way of increasing your employment opportunities or securing your place in an establishment. A degree in Marriage and Family Counseling Therapy (MFT) will bring a new dimension to your career and increase your opportunities. Online MFT has a lot of benefits. If you are thinking why you should go for an online degree in MFT, you should consider the following aspects:

Marriage and family therapists help resolve emotional conflict

They help families going through some form of conflict to resolve their problems by initiating communication and enhancing understanding among them. They use non-medical psychotherapy approach with reference to psychiatric resources. They usually teach courses about human development and interpersonal relationships. Family therapists with doctorate often become teachers and supervisors or advanced clinicians.

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Demand for Marriage and Family Counseling is increasing

The growth of the demand for marriage and family therapists is witnessing a 14% growth rate. This growth is above average and is expected to be sustained through 2018. This increase in demand is attributed to the ease with which people are willing to seek help concerning their marital and family issues. Insurance companies are more likely to pay for short term marriage and family therapy for problems ranging from drug abuse to depression.

Rise in demand of a marriage and family therapist has led to increase in the online program

The last statistics on the number of online programs carried out by a reputable organization showed a tremendous increase in the number of online courses and schools offering them. Marriage and family counseling therapy is one of the courses that is getting more attention. This has made some online universities to expand their program base to offer MFT.

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Choosing an approved institution matters

Families which are desirous of marriage and family therapist will seek those who are qualified. They may decide to check the certificate of the therapist. A degree from a university that is not approved will be a letdown. There are certified institutions in California like Eisner Institute for Professional Studies that are known to provide one hundred percent online programs.

Marriage and family therapist does not require a thesis

Capstone is used in online marriage and family therapy program rather than thesis. Eisner Institute for Professional Studies also offers a graduate program in psychology. This program has been approved by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. MA in psychology program is thought in an innovative way.

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Marriage and family counseling therapy is highly regulated

Counseling fields are under high regulation and marriage and family therapy is not an exception. Those seeking insurance reimbursement or aim to bill government clients will need to meet with the stipulated state licensing requirements. Part of the licensing requirement is a higher degree from a licensed university.

Requirements for being a MFT get changed frequently

As of now, to qualify to become a marriage and family counseling therapist, you will need a master degree or a doctorate degree – although these requirements change from time to time. Few States will accept bachelor’s degree though. Certain courses must reflect in your degree and these courses must have been taught by faculties that meet with strict teaching and practice guideline. You will also need a counseling internship at a care center.

Marriage and financial therapists are in short supply

The high requirement for those aspiring to become marriage and family therapists has made it impossible for many people to go into the field. This has made this area a less explored field with a high demand on the existing ones.

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Article highlights

  • Marriage and Family Therapy is a significant online degree in modern time.
  • Higher degrees in marriage and family therapy will improve your job opportunity.
  • The requirement for marriage and family therapist licensing is constantly changing.
  • The demand for family therapist is expected to increase until 2018.
  • Increasing demand for family therapists has made many online universities to begin the course.
  • Always choose a university with full accreditation.
  • Marriage and family therapy practice is under strict regulation.
  • Masters or a doctorate in marriage and family therapy is required for licensing.
  • The requirement for those aspiring to be marriage and family therapist is high.
  • Marriage and family therapists resolve family problems by initiating communication.

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