The Level of Value Offered by an Online MBA Program

The Level of Value Offered by an Online MBA Program
The Level of Value Offered by an Online MBA Program
September 18, 2016

An online MBA really offers value if you can choose the right program. University of Bentley, along with other institutions have developed a hybrid education that will help students who are tied down by busy schedules and other circumstances to fully participate in the education system without have the slightest sense of being left behind.

The cost of obtaining higher education is increasing

Since the inception of online learning platform, the urge to hop on is becoming increasingly tempting as the cost of obtaining higher education continues to soar. Online education is an affordable alternative in a number of ways; the tuition fee is generally lower than the traditional education and other forms of expenditure like transportation and accommodation are taken off the list.

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Hybrid education is the bridge between traditional education and online education

Obviously traditional education has a number of limitations that will not make it convenient for everyone to be a part of it. Also, online education can often begin to feel like a lonely planet where students are left to crack any puzzle in their lecture note. In a hybrid education setting, the classrooms are fitted with microphones, cameras and digital processors that make the student feel like they are in the classroom.

Online education still has a problem of standard

The revelation from the studies made by the National Education Policy Center was shocking and to a large extent verifies the fears nursed by many students as regards enrolling for online education. The findings showed that students of one of the largest online school company, k12 Inc., were only able to meet up with the Adequate Yearly Progress Standards by only 27.7% between 2010 and 2011.

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Many students would not be able to further their education if not for hybrid classrooms

Many of the students who enroll for advanced education online are working class. Sacrificing a paying job – especially when the pay is more than just a survival ration – may not be a wise option to many people and before now, their academic has remained stalled. With the help of hybrid classrooms, they now have a better shot at education.

Hybrid classrooms are like big computers that have enough space to accommodate several human beings

Hybrid classes have high resolution cameras fitted inside them. They also have microphones for students which are mounted on the ceiling with digital processors. Professors usually make use of wireless microphones and smart boards to ensure effective interaction between participants. Whenever they can, students are encouraged to attend classes in person.

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Hybrid education has restored flexibility to education system

Unlike in the traditional education where students are mandated to be in school to attend lectures, the hybrid education makes it flexible in such a way that students do not necessarily have to come to school every day for lectures, rather would come only when they have the chance to.

The performance rate of students taking hybrid courses have been fairly the same

A study have been carried out in a hybrid education on the performance of students that attend all their courses and those who exploit the online part of the learning process and attend classes only a few times every semester. The result showed that there was no remarkable difference showing that the attitudes of the students are the same irrespective of the path they ply.

The number of student enrolling for online courses is on the rise

Over forty years since the inception of online education, the number of students enrolling under it has continued to rise. Late projections of last year have no sign of this trend dropping.

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Article highlights

  • Traditional education is becoming increasingly expensive.
  • More students are enrolling for online education.
  • Projections show that the number of online students will keep increasing.
  • Online education saves cost in a number of ways including accommodation and transportation.
  • Hybrid education has bridged the gap between traditional and online education.
  • Students can decide to come to class or take courses online.
  • Hybrid classrooms have microprocessors, cameras and microphones.
  • Professors use smart boards and wireless microphones.
  • The quality of online education is still an issue.
  • Performance of hybrid students who took courses online and those that came to class did not differ.

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