The Many Facets of Online Education

The Many Facets of Online Education
The Many Facets of Online Education
August 26, 2016

From Udacity, Udemy, Coursera to iVersity and edX: these are some of the buzzing names that pop up every day in our social networking sites or magazines for e-learning. Even though latest statistics show that growth of enrolment in online platform is flattening, but the truth is online education is here to stay. The bridge over the communication gap has been created thanks to latest technological innovations.

If we take a look at the other set of statistics it shows more and more employers are showing enthusiasm in providing online courses for their employees. Already Google and AT&T has its own online learning school for developers all over the world to discuss their materials and also learn from experienced faculties.

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While degrees and diplomas are essential to enter the corporate world, but in the business environment it is knowledge and skills that matter the most. Corporate representatives are arranging more and more online training courses and using learning management system. The enrolment peaked in the recession period in 2012 when corporate people understood the need of self-development with technological innovations.

Benefits of online learning

Flexibility and accessibility

Online education has no boundaries and restrictions. While pursuing any course, the prime cause of absenteeism becomes location and time. If the location of institution is far away or the student is a working professional, they cannot mange regular office hours to attend classes. Online education can be accessed from anywhere and anytime so even if you are taking a break in your office lunch hours, you can go through your course.

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Many students can’t pursue coveted degrees at some of the premier institutes for its price. A hefty student loan for pursuing a degree is what one always fears. Online courses are of two kinds: free and paid courses. The paid courses provide more resources and certificates at a minimal credit which will not amount to any student loan. Also, the free courses has ample resource and support to complete it successfully.

Additional benefits

In the interactive classrooms of virtual world, students get to learn with peers from different continents. There is no discrimination and everyone gets a fair chance of participation in the events. Students gain excellent time management skills as most of these courses are self-paced. So they schedule according to their convenience and become more self-dependant.

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Drawbacks of online learning

Lack of face to face interaction

Face-to-face interaction is more efficient than online chatting. This might be the reason that more and more students are finding it unreliable and online education has reached a stagnant point. The useful insights of fellow classmates in the course is useful for quick learning. Even the faculties don’t consider online education to be sufficient way of getting a degree.


Online chat rooms and communicating via emails are the only ways to clear doubts in course and build network with others. If someone is not confident in these modes then online education is not for them as they may feel isolated.

A traditional mode of learning coupled with online education is the best learning method. Online resources are vast for doing assignments and for clearing doubts they can ask the faculties directly. Nowadays, institutions provide synchronous online class with traditional classes via video-conferencing. With these students can discuss the subjects with their peers in traditional classrooms and also ask the professor directly.

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Article highlights

  • Latest statistics show growth of online education is flattening.
  • It peaked during recession when corporate representatives understood the need of self-development.
  • Degrees are essential to enter the corporate world, Skills and knowledge are essential to maintain it.
  • More and more employers are arranging online course for employees and using learning management system.
  • Online education can be accessed from anywhere and anytime according to the schedule determined by user.
  • Online education doesn’t require a student loan and are cost-effective.
  • There is no discrimination in the virtual classroom and everyone gets a fair chance.
  • Students are finding online education to be unreliable due to lack of social interaction with peers and professors.
  • User will feel isolated if he is not comfortable with online chat rooms and communicating via email.
  • A traditional classroom coupled with online education is the best learning method.

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