The Prospect of Online Learning Platform

The Prospect of Online Learning Platform
The Prospect of Online Learning Platform
October 19, 2016

eLearning is evolving really fast and some credit has to go to the evolution of information technology for this. More students are opting for online based education against what it used to be in the past. Just when you think you have seen it all, online learning platform will take a new curve that will amaze you – little wonder it has held on to the attention of participating audience.

eLearning redefined the distant learning format

To better understand the impact of e-learning on distant education, it will be good to recap what distant education entails. Distant learning is a type of learning where the student will not have to reside on the campus and attend lectures on a daily basis. In the past, the student will have to visit the institution once in a while for examinations and consultations with professors. E-learning, since its introduction, has made it more seamless such that students will not have to visit the school at all.

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eLearning has an impact on the current business environment

You can hardly fit into any organization today unless you have a good knowledge of information technology – and able to use some of the basic computer software. E-learning exposes you to the practical usage of these information technologies tools and software irrespective of the course of your study because these information technology tools are the means of communication between the student and the institution.

Some tools will make online learning more seamless in the future

E-learning of today is not the same as what it was when it was first introduced some decades ago. The online learning platform has been a constant evolution, bringing in numerous tools that make learning more interesting as well as defining what the next generation of business should look like. Some of the evolutions are as follows;

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1. Incorporation of cloud-based technology

In the current digital age, cloud-based technology is one of the operating levels every business must attain. Cloud-based technology allows businesses to back up their files and has access to it with or without the internet. Online learning platform has already begun to use it in different capacities.

Full implementation of cloud-based technology will eliminate multiple learning platforms

Currently, businesses that want to learn more than one course from different institutions will have to install their different learning platform software. When the cloud technology is in full implementation, this will not have to be necessary. One software will give you access to different learning platforms. Small and medium size businesses will also benefit by organizing their corporate training enabling tailored learning options.

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2. Scaling down to mobile devices

Businesses are constantly developing apps that will enable their users to carry them around more easily. Online education has moved sharply away from the strict access by only bulky computers and laptops to tablets and Smart Phones. The current evolution trend suggests that with time, online courses will not be separable from Smart Phones.

3. Improved platform for video learning

It is easier for people to learn through videos because images stick longer in the brain than words. Several online video learning platforms such as Lynda has been a great success, further testifying to its efficacy. Online video learning platform is trying to replicate on-the-job-training.

4. Eliminating the strictness of learning

Professors are often looked upon as gods by campus students. This status affects the fluidity of communication. On the other hand, online platform encourages interaction between students and lecturers through various means thereby limiting the friction between them to an informal setting.

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Article highlights

  • eLearning evolution is moving in tandem with technology evolution.
  • A number of students enrolling for e-learning is increasing.
  • Students undergoing distant learning will not have to visit the campus at all.
  • eLearning is affecting every facet of our life.
  • New tools are making e-learning more interesting and engaging.
  • Cloud-based technology allows business to backup their files and access it without the internet.
  • When cloud-based technology is fully implemented, multiple learning platforms will be eliminated.
  • Online education is becoming handy with mobile phones.
  • Online students learn better because of use of graphics.
  • Communication between students and lecturers is encouraged in online education.

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