The Rights and Wrongs of Online Education

The Rights and Wrongs of Online Education
The Rights and Wrongs of Online Education
September 10, 2016

There have been ongoing studies on the state of online education and one of them was the study published by the Sloan Consortium. One thing that has persisted among all the various researches and publications is that the rate at which students are enrolling into online education is on the rise. Is this what to smile or frown at? Read on.

Online education has come to stay

No matter your views about online education, the truth is that it has come to stay and is gaining wider acceptance by the day. You have to accept the reality or risk being swept away by it. It is therefore important to eliminate from mind any form of prejudice one has for online education over the traditional form of education.

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The risk of substandard education took a leap with online education

One of the problems that educational system of many nations faces is that of substandard education. From time to time, the Ministry of education in most countries sweeps on brick and mortar schools and seal up the ones that falls short of expectation. This same measure has not been effectively implemented online leading to the growing number of online schools that are not particularly interested in the student’s learning, rather a means of enriching themselves.

Be sure that your course of choice can be effectively taught online

Courses that require much practical works like engineering and microbiology cannot be taught effectively online because projects needs to be properly supervised by a professor so that he/she can point you in the right direction if you derail and also be sure that you did the work you report. The aforementioned courses are better learned in the classroom. Courses in the social sciences and arts are better suited for online study.

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Find universities that offer your choice course

When you must have decided on what to study and verified that it can be effectively taught online, the next step is to make a long list of universities that offer your choice course and gradually trim the list down to a short list of between 5 to 10 schools. It is wrong to just pick one university at random. You should be able to justify why you favored one over the others.

Bear the tuition fee in mind

The skyrocketing tuition fee is a source of concern and you should consider your financial aid carefully before picking a university. Better to go for a cheaper alternative than to start and stop halfway because of lack of finance.

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Verify the accreditation status of your choice university

Before you finally enroll, make sure that the school is accredited by the responsible body to run online degree. Most employers would only accept online degrees from accredited universities when offering employment. At this stage, you need to be friendly with technological gadgets because they will be your companion till the course lasts.

The first wrong step is approaching online degree with mental laxity

An online degree is not less stressful than the traditional education except that this time you are more in control of your time. Basically, the curriculum of online and traditional education is the same and you really need to study hard to make it out with good grades.

Make sure it is suitable online degree is suitable for you before you jump in

The second wrong step is that some people just want to flow with the trend and take no time to consider if it will be suitable for them. Online degree requires self-discipline, focus and perseverance. If you do not have these, don’t bother wasting your time and money.

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Article highlights

  • There are certain characters you need to have to succeed in online degree.
  • More students are opting for online degree.
  • Online and traditional education follow the same curriculum.
  • Consider tuition fee carefully before enrolling.
  • Online education is gaining wider acceptability.
  • Monitoring online education is more difficult than the traditional education.
  • Make sure you enroll with accredited school.
  • Employers will prefer degrees from accredited schools.
  • Some courses are not suitable for studying online.
  • Do not just pick schools at random.

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