Views of Different Companies about Online Degrees

Views of Different Companies about Online Degrees
Views of Different Companies about Online Degrees
September 12, 2016

People are turning more to online degrees as a means of furthering their education. This is particularly true with the employed and those who are highly engaged in one way or the other. While there are people that will readily quit their job for an academic pursuit, others may not readily thread that path because of future uncertainties.

Traditional education requires your physical presence

This is the type of education that is widely practiced across the globe. Students are required to be physically present in classes. In some faculties across the globe, attendance of students to classes is taken and students must attain a minimum attendance to be allowed to sit for the examination. This may not be convenient for a person with a job.

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Classes are taken using computer and Internet connection in online education

Online education can be taken anywhere. The lecture notes are uploaded online and students only need to log in to their profiles online and download the lecture notes. This is a more flexible form of education that can fit into the work plan of any one.

The preference for traditional degree has not changed much

On a smaller scale, degrees obtained online are beginning to be recognized by companies. However, the old-timers or old generation companies and recruiters still hold on to the superiority of traditional degrees to online degrees. Their reason is hinged on the excuse that they cannot verify the source of the degree or its authenticity.

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It is becoming easy to verify online degrees

Their reason may not be much of a reason anymore because there are bodies that now carry out accreditation for online education thereby adding some kind of credibility to the process. Also, accredited universities are constantly expanding their academic form to accommodate online education. Basing rejection of online degree on authenticity should no longer be an issue.

Fly-by-night companies are ruining the reputation of online degrees

There are several online institutions that are dishing out degrees for a nominal fee. These companies are further putting the future of online education and the future of those who take online courses in jeopardy because their presence will justify the reasons given by companies for exempting online degrees from their list of accepted qualifications.

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Some company executives are not in support of the discrimination

In an interview, the founder and president of Executive Press Inc., Lewis Littleman, was asked about his opinion concerning the online and traditional degree disparity. He quickly said that he had never had such experiences but also agreed that he had overhead some company executive direct recruiters not to send them candidates with online degree.

Online degree will break even with time

In 2012, a research showed that over 4 million people were enrolled in online degree. The number has skyrocketed ever since. Though the results of 2015 have been hazy, it is projected to be significantly higher than the result of 2012. With this current rave, online degree may become the majority of the certificates to be presented in any recruitment exercise.

New generation companies are more dynamic

New generation companies will readily accept an online degree as a qualification than the old generation ones. This is probably because new generation companies are highly concerned about staff efficiency. They believe that anyone who can combine online education with other duties is good at multitasking which is a vital tool for increased output of any staff. The hope of online degree holders lies on the new generation companies springing up every now and then.

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Article highlights

  • There is an increase in the number of people taking online courses.
  • There is a stiff disparity between online and traditional degrees.
  • Traditional degree requires the physical presence of all students.
  • Online degree is flexible and can be done anywhere.
  • Some company executives are indifferent to the kind of degree presented.
  • A research of 2015 online course students is projected to be higher.
  • Accreditation remains an issue with online education.
  • New generation companies link online degree to ability to multitask.
  • The activity of fraudsters is widening the rift.
  • Online degrees can be easily verified.

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