Why Distance Education is the Need of the Hour

Why Distance Education is the Need of the Hour
Why Distance Education is the Need of the Hour
August 26, 2016

While getting a degree from a top-notch college is something every student dreams about, certain factors like transportation problems, lack of necessary funds, can restrict a student from approaching formal education. This is when distance learning education, and online courses comes to the rescue.

Especially in a developing country like India, thousands of students are mainly pursuing their post-graduation degrees, like MBA and MCA, through distance learning education, to upgrade their CVs and out of the will to be more educated.

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Reasons why India needs more of distance learning

Any age limit

Distance learning education or online courses can be accessed by people of any age. Also, in-service aspirants can enroll under a distance learning or online course to upgrade their educational qualifications, which may even help them to bag a promotion.

Learn yet earn

People who are already in service, yet have the desire to study more and increase their educational qualifications can opt for distance learning courses, because of the flexibility of time offered by them. This helps them to earn as well as learn simultaneously. It all depends on your will power.

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Increasing population

India’s population doesn’t seem to decrease at all. On the contrary, the number of students are just on a hike with every passing year. All the educational institutions combined may not be able to accommodate the number of students present. This is where distance education and online courses comes to their rescue. The students do not have to live with the fear of being uneducated anymore, as they can complete their studies just by having a computer and a working web connection.

Mental status

Not every student is the same. Some may suffer from social awkwardness, or may feel socially challenged due to factors like physical inability, financial status, unfavorable family situation, and so on, which may make them feel reluctant to attend a formal school. With the help of distance or online courses, they can study within the comfort of their homes without any such difficulty.

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Geographical hindrance

Some remote or isolated locations can make it difficult for a student to attend schools that may be far away. They may not have the necessary funds to commute on a regular basis, or the situation may be such that they cannot stay away from their families. Online courses or distance education facilities prove to be a boon for such students.

Upgraded syllabus

Intense rigidity or high costs involved to change, often end up in syllabuses remaining unaltered in formal schools, in spite of the world and its way of working changing rapidly. However, all online courses or distance education courses are updated regularly to help the students gain the latest knowledge about technology, business environment, and so on.

Easy access and varied needs

Online courses need minimal accessories like a computer and a web connection to access it. Also there are a variety of subjects found online, and a student can choose amongst them according to his preferences and choice of study.

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  • Distance education and online courses are filling the loopholes of formal education system.
  • Especially in India which is still developing, students are increasingly completing their post-graduation studies, like MBA and MCA through distance education.
  • People of any age can access online courses.
  • In-service aspirants aim to enhance their CVs by opting for more skills based courses online that would help them to bag a promotion in future.
  • Working professionals can opt for distance education and learn yet earn at the same time.
  • Increasing number of students may not find place in formal schools, and this is where online courses step in.
  • Physical inability or other social factors may trigger a reluctance in a child to attend school. However, they can resort to distance education to study in such cases.
  • Commutation problems due to schools being situated in far-off locations can cause obstruction for a child to attend formal school. They can resort to distance education or online courses.
  • The syllabus in distance education and online courses is always updated regularly.
  • Online courses or distance education offers a variety of subjects from which students can choose, and they can also be accessed easily.

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