8 Things You must Know When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

8 Things You must Know When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer
8 Things You must Know When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer
October 3, 2016

When you have been a victim of an accident, you most likely will be confused about the next step to take. You may have heard about personal injury claims but you are wondering if the injury or damage you have been through is worth the time of an attorney. The same applies for other type of injuries such as medical malpractice. Below are things you need to know when hiring personal injury attorney.

1. Experience matters a lot

The fate of your personal injury claim lies in the hands of your attorney. His or her expertise is a strong determinant in deciding if you would get a fair representation and a fair claim. How long the case will drag on to a large extent will depend on the expertise of your attorney. Always keep an eye for an attorney who is a specialist in personal injury cases.

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2. Initial consultation is free

If the consultation fee is what have been scaring you from hiring a personal injury lawyer then you need to think again. There are attorneys that offer free consultations who would help you analyze your case to see if it is worth the time and if not, advise you on what steps to take.

3. It is not always necessary to file a lawsuit

Many of the personal injury cases will not need you to file a lawsuit or hire an attorney but to file necessary documents with the insurance company of the defaulter. Have this well researched to see the possibility because it can save you a lot of money.

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4. Make sure that the attorney operates on a contingency fee

There are attorneys that operate on contingency fees meaning they will not charge any fee until the case has been resolved in your favor. This can help you save a lot of money if the case does not end in your favor. Paying upfront may also cause the attorney to lose the passion of chasing your case.

5. Personal injury cases take time

Personal injury cases often stretches over a long period of time as the evidences will have to be properly scrutinized to ascertain that the offender acted on some form of negligence which resulted in the injury of the victim. There is also no guarantee that you will turn out successful. So, never hire an attorney that tries to guarantee you that. Go for attorneys that are willing to tell you the truth.

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6. Possibility of paying your insurance company back

While chasing a personal injury case, there is the possibility that additional expenses such as healthcare cost will be incurred by the insurance company. Also, talk to your attorney to make sure they will be willing to work with you and your insurance company for a fair settlement that will cover the cost.

7. Have the statute of limitation in mind

When you have been a victim of personal injury, you will need to act fast to beat the statute of limitation. Statute of limitation is the time within which a victim of personal injury can seek for redress. This time differs from one injury to another and from one state to another.

8. Verify which expenses the contingency fee covers

Contingency fee is supposed to cover only for the time of the lawyer. If along the line the attorney needed more hands to do one thing or the other, they will have to be billed differently. Always talk this over with your attorney before hiring.

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Article highlights

  • Victims of personal injuries are usually confused about the next step to take.
  • There are several things you should know before hiring an attorney.
  • Initial consultation is always free.
  • Some attorneys work on a contingency fee basis.
  • The experience of the attorney will, to a large extent, determine if your case will be a success.
  • Filing a lawsuit may not always be necessary to get compensation.
  • Personal injury case is time consuming.
  • Statute of limitation is the time frame within which a victim of personal injury can file claim.
  • Other expenses should be billed separately.
  • Some people are scared of hiring attorneys because of cost of consultation.

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