Advice to Those Seeking to Make Cycling Injury Claims

Advice to Those Seeking to Make Cycling Injury Claims
Advice to Those Seeking to Make Cycling Injury Claims
October 11, 2016

The problem many people have is that they have no idea of what their rights are in their own country. If you take the time to go through some of the laws of your country, it will amaze you to notice that your rights are being trampled upon on a daily basis and you are doing nothing about it. One of such laws you may neglect is your right to make a claim when you are a victim of an accident.

You are entitled to make a claim when you are a victim of accident

Guilt often overwhelms victims of an accident such that they are afraid to approach an attorney or try to make a claim in other to protect their right or that of their loved ones. Knowing the next step you should take after you have been a victim of cycling injury is very important. The first thing you should know is that you need to act fast.

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The offender has to take liability for the victim’s expenses

Bicycle accident may cause the victim to incur expenses in the form of damaged equipment, medical bills or loss of income. The guilty party is mandated by law to take responsibility for the situation by compensating the victim. This is why it is not good to assume liability at the accident scene until after due consultation with your attorney.

Lack of insurance coverage is the major problem with a cyclist

The major problem with accidents involving cyclists is that majority of them are without insurance cover, unlike motorists. Insurance cover especially third party insurance makes it easy for claims to be paid since the victim can approach the insurance company directly and ask for a claim. However, there are some cyclists with insurance cover and they should make this information available to the victim if they are the cause of the accident.

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A cyclist solicitor will help you file a claim

Cyclists without insurance cover often think they have no right to make a claim when they have been victims of an accident. This is definitely wrong because they can also approach an experienced cyclist solicitor to help them file a claim. No doubt, their case will be much more difficult to judge and needs more effort but it is not hopeless.

Cyclist should not be afraid of the legal fees

Many victims of cyclist accident may be too scared to approach an attorney for the fear that they will be asked to pay a staggering fee. Thank goodness, there are law firms that now operate on the basis of contingency fee meaning you only get to pay when the case has been won. If you do not win the case, you owe the law firm nothing since the lawyer would access the risk and take full responsibility.

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Contingency arrangement brings out the best of the solicitor

Victims of cyclist accident are advised to only seek the services of solicitors or attorneys that operate on a contingency fee basis because it will provide a win-win situation for all. Knowing that they have everything to lose if the case does not go in your favor, the attorneys will be forced to put in their very best to make sure the hammer falls in your favor. This will also help you to have peace of mind while the case lasts.

Experienced solicitors can now be hired online

The coming of technology and the Internet has bridged the gap and the stress it normally took to hire an experienced solicitor or lawyer. There are websites (like Carry on Cycling) where bike solicitors with good experience can be hired.

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Article highlights

  • Many people are unaware of their rights and the laws regarding cycling injury.
  • An attorney will help you to decide the next step to take when you are a victim of cycle injury.
  • Victims of such an accident are entitled to compensation.
  • Accident leads to loss of wages and damage to property.
  • Lack of insurance cover is a problem with motorcyclists.
  • People often think it is expensive to hire an attorney.
  • Irrespective of your insurance cover status as a cyclist, you have a right to compensation.
  • A cyclist solicitor will help you make a claim.
  • Some attorneys operate on contingency fee basis.
  • Contingency fee makes the attorney to put his best in the case.

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