The Alarming Number of Fatal Motorcycle Accident is a Cause of Concern

The Alarming Number of Fatal Motorcycle Accident is a Cause of Concern
The Alarming Number of Fatal Motorcycle Accident is a Cause of Concern
December 27, 2016

There are different motorbikes placed into different categories such as rat bikes, sports bikes, and super bikes. Each of the different categories has varying speed limits with the super bikes being the fastest – and mostly used for sports. Riding a motorbike – no matter the category they fall into – can be thrilling but also very risky.

Motorcycles are less stable and less visible

If you have ever tried to make a motorbike stand on its wheels when it is not moving, you would have noticed how impossible it is. They always fall to one side once you take out your support. They are only able to stand when they are in motion. On the road too, they are easily missed by oncoming vehicles because of their relatively small sizes. On record, more than four thousand motorcyclists met their demise in 2013.

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Majority of motorcycle accidents result from driving error

Research has also unraveled the lead cause of motorcycle accident and proved that majority of these accidents result from an error on the part of the driver. The presence of teenage drivers on the road is particularly very worrisome because most of them are very reckless on the wheels – driven by youthful exuberance.

There are many outcomes of motorcycle accident

When a motorcycle has been hit by a reckless driver, in most cases, the driver of the car remains unhurt while the motorcyclists suffer a varying degree of injuries – obviously because the car offers more protection to the driver unlike a motorcycle to the cyclist. Other harm the cyclist is bound to face includes financial losses in the form of increasing medical bills and loss of wages.

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Compensation is geared towards alleviating the suffering of the motorcyclist

It is unfair to allow a motorcyclist who has been hit by a reckless driver to wallow in pain while the driver goes unscathed – bearing in mind that the said accident was no fault of the cyclist. Compensation is usually an attempt to alleviate some of the pain the cyclist must have incurred from the accident and an attempt to bring a smile on their faces.

Filing a lawsuit will be in your best interest if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident

If you have ever been involved in a motorcycle accident, it would be in your best interest to file a lawsuit. However, this very crucial step is not something you can do on your own without involving a credible personal injury lawyer. This is because the process of filing a lawsuit is very tedious and complicated and you will need to be sure you have the requisite evidence to win the case before going ahead to file the claim to avoid a wild goose chase.

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Bikers can take steps to control road accident

Only a supernatural being can put the action of a reckless driver under control. Be that as it may, a cyclist on their part can take crucial steps to reduce their risk to accidents while on the road. Some of the steps they can take include;

1. Make sure their brakes are in order

Brakes have been termed the most safety component of a motorcycle. To use them correctly, you need some practice. If you are a novice rider, take time in a controlled environment to get used to your braking system.

2. Learn proper overtaking rules

To drive at your own pace, overtaking may become crucial when on the road but this maneuvering is the most dangerous thing a motorcyclist can do. You need to approach a car with caution, avoid riding too close and move out laterally so that you can have a clear view before eventually accelerating.

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Article highlights

  • The size of motorbikes makes them invisible on the road.
  • There are different motorbikes with different limitations.
  • Motorbike passengers are not as protected as car passengers.
  • More than four thousand people died from a motorbike accident in 2013.
  • Driving error is the lead cause of most accidents.
  • Distractions are increasing taking drivers’ attention from the wheel.
  • There is hardly any small accident with motorbikes.
  • Compensation is instrumental in alleviating the suffering of the motorcyclist.
  • Filing a lawsuit is a complicated and tedious process.
  • Cyclists need to take precautionary steps to protect themselves.

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