Analyzing the Law on Airplane Injuries

Analyzing the Law on Airplane Injuries
Analyzing the Law on Airplane Injuries
September 30, 2016

The experience of flying in the air is thrilling and there are many who might be willing to overlook the risk involved. A look at the flight safety records of commercial airlines in the United States shows a reason why citizens including Utah natives who are landlocked – are comfortable flying in the metal birds as it was called by Nostradamus.

Airplane accidents are usually fatal

Airplane accident here does not refer to the paper plane that is tossed around by children that may eventually poke into someone’s eyes. A number of cases of plane crash are always recorded across the globe annually. The survival rate in such accidents is very scanty. However, there are other ways one can be a victim of airplane injury without the plane crash landing.

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It is possible that someone can sustain in a mid-air injury

There are various ways one can sustain an injury from mid-air plane hazards. A few of them include spilling of hot liquid on the victim by an air hostess, turbulence of plane resulting from lack of structural soundness, trip and fall as a result of any obstacle in the plane and so on. In any case of injury mid-air, the steps taken by the plaintiff will be guided by the attitude of the employees and the trustworthiness of the plane.

Mid-air injuries are low

The possibility of death resulting mid-air as a result of turbulence is very low. However, the employees and pilots are not error free and this is where the services of an airplane layer can be exploited.

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Injury caused from the disregard to instructions will not be compensated

When the instruction is announced to fasten your seatbelt and you ignore it and peradventure it, this may result in an injury. In such a case, there will be no compensation for you because the injury is your own making. However, if you put on the seatbelt and it snaps resulting in personal injury, you can seek for compensation.

A witness can help you get compensation

Using the case of the seatbelt as an example, a witness can help the plaintiff prove that the sign instructing passengers to put on their seat belt was not illumined at the time of the accident which led to the turbulence-associated injury. In such a case, the victim will be eligible for compensation.

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Minor injuries may not be compensated

Some passengers are so eager to file for claims that they will look for a scratch or bruise on their skin. They have to understand that airline injury lawsuit does not work that way. Simple bruises may not be worth the stress and can be overlooked but a broken bone or immobilizing and highly mental trauma will be easy for personal injury lawyers to handle and seek for compensation.

Some regions will witness more airplane injury lawsuit than the others

Regions that have a higher mid-air turbulence such as the Midwestern regions will see their lawyers be flooded by litigators. Places like Utah usually witness low amount of turbulence hanging over the arid Western planes. Therefore, lawyers in these regions will see only a few cases on their desk annually.

Mechanical fault resulting in turbulence or unsafe landing is considerable

This is a hard path to take but it is possible to sue an airline for mechanical negligence which leads to crash or unplanned landing that enacts injuries on the passengers. In doing so, the mental state of the pilot is taken into consideration.

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Article highlights

  • The likelihood of in-flight injury is very low.
  • In-flight staff, pilots and airlines often make mistakes that lead to injuries.
  • Injury as a result of negligence on the part of the victim will not be compensated.
  • A witness can help a plaintiff point out the flaw of the airline.
  • Airline can be held responsible for mechanical faults that results in injuries to the passengers.
  • Several regions experience more mid-air turbulence than others and thus see more airplane injury cases.
  • Airplane injuries may have varying degree of severity.
  • The low accident cases involving airplane have increased the confidence of US citizens to fly.
  • Minor injuries may not be eligible for compensation.
  • Mid-air injury causes extremely low rate of death.

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