Bicycle Accident Claim: Who can be Held Responsible?

Bicycle Accident Claim: Who can be Held Responsible?
Bicycle Accident Claim: Who can be Held Responsible?
December 31, 2016

It is true that kids are more enthusiastic about riding a bicycle – many kids can recall vividly till date the tingling sensation they had when they first rode on a bicycle – but bicycles are not meant for kids alone. Bicycles can be used to transverse any terrain and they are cost effective because you will not have to spend money on petroleum to power them. Bicycles are also eco-friendly.

Cycling is therapeutic to the young and old

It may surprise you to know that one percent of the total trips taken in the United States are by bicycle. Second, the medical experts have recommended that exercise should form a part of the daily life of every individual because it makes blood flow better around the body. Cycling is the perfect way of combining exercise and fun.

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There is usually no small accident when it comes to bicycle

The fun that comes with riding a bicycle can be sullied if one takes a second to consider the safety. Unlike a car that the passengers will not be hurt by a small impact, every impact on a bicycle rider can send them off the bicycle. If the cyclist is riding sixty kilometers per hour, such fall can be momentous. Moving in areas with heavy traffic further, heightens their risk. Hence, one is safe to say that bike riders are in constant danger.

The CDC report on bicycle accident in 2013 is alarming

When the Center for Disease Control analyzed the number of people that went to the hospital for crashes, they discovered that close to five hundred thousand people went to the hospital after being involved in crashes while riding a bicycle. Out of this alarming figure, at least nine hundred eventually lost their lives.

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Certain factors have been linked to most bicycle accidents

If you must ride a bicycle on the highway or around your private property you need to take some precautionary measures to ensure that you do not end up becoming a victim of an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has linked most bicycle accidents to any of the following;

  1. Riding errors leading to tripping or falling
  2. Being run over by a truck or smaller vehicles
  3. Riding on cracked or poorly maintained sidewalks
  4. Running into another bicycle – especially during a bicycle race.
  5. Pet attack (like dogs and cats) while riding a bicycle.

Accident lawyers in Nebraska have many years of experience

If you have been a victim of a bicycle accident in Nebraska, there are many accident attorneys you can contact. Some of them have as much as forty-five years of experience in the area of mediating for accident victims – and experience in the legal sphere is most often tied to success in the court premises. The initial consultations are usually free and should not deter you from seeking their assistance.

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Depending on the fact surrounding an accident, victims of bicycle crashes may qualify for claim

Getting the adequate evidence from the site of an accident is always vital when seeking for compensation. Compensations can be sought from negligent drivers that caused the accident, manufacturers of the bicycle if a defective product was the cause of the accident, the city or county if the poor road was the cause of the accident or private parties who acted with reckless abandon.

Getting the contact of personal injury lawyers is easy

There are so many personal injury lawyers in Nebraska and contacting them is very easy – either through mail or you can ring them up. Their compensation evaluation will include your medical bills, lost wages, and other non-economic reasons.

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Article highlights

  • Riding a bicycle is fun filled and thrilling.
  • Cycling can be used as a form of exercise.
  • Bicycles can be used to move through more terrains than a car ever will.
  • 1% of the total trips in the US are completed with bicycles.
  • Every form of an accident with a bicycle has a massive effect.
  • 5,000 people went to the hospital in 2013 for bicycle accidents.
  • Different factors can be held accountable for bicycle accidents.
  • Some accident lawyers in Nebraska have up to 45 years’ experience.
  • Years of experience are very important when it comes to the legal sphere.
  • The evidence surrounding your claim can qualify you for compensation.

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