Chances of Suing for Dog Attack

Chances of Suing for Dog Attack
Chances of Suing for Dog Attack
September 26, 2016

People keep dogs as pet or for various other reasons. Not all the dogs have been properly trained. Every year, there seems to be an increasing report of those who sustained personal injury because a dog jumped on them and knocked them off their feet. The injury in contention here are not due to dog bite but as a result of being knocked down by them.

Victims of being knocked down by dogs are entitled to compensation

There are several breeds of dogs out there; some of which are very wild. The bitter truth is that their wild nature cannot be totally eradicated through domestication. Those that have sustained different levels of injuries as a result of dogs jumping on them or being unlawfully touched by another individual or their property – of which dog is among – are liable to be compensated.

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One Bite Rule only applies when the person was bit by the dog

There is a current legal framework known as the ‘one bite rule’ which tends to seek settlement for those that have actually been bitten by a dog. The one bite rule does not cover victims who sustain injury as a result of dogs jumping on them. Those that have been jumped on by dogs will need to seek an alternative legal framework.

It is the duty of a dog owner to care for those who their dog has harmed

Under the law, it is a duty of individuals to protect and care for each other. If an individual should breach this law by allowing their dog jump on another (when they were fully aware of such possibilities), then the individual can sue if such contact resulted in a physical injury.

Several injuries can arise from being jumped on by a dog

The level of injury that may be sustained by an individual that have been jumped upon by a dog can vary depending on the weight of the dog, the force of the jump and how awkwardly the victim fell to the ground. Injuries can include;

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  • Spinal injuries which may lead to herniated disc and fractures to the spinal column. In extreme cases where the spinal cord is affected, paralysis may occur.
  • Traumatic brain injury when the head slammed on the ground. This can result in amnesia.
  • Knee injury from fall impact and this could affect the fragile bone of the knee cap.
  • Facial injuries of different magnitude including temporary or permanent scaring.
  • Fractured wrist if the victim fell with their hands to the ground.
  • Broken bones or dislocations.

The amount of compensation for dog attacks is predictable

When an individual has been attacked by a dog, the amount they can file as claim is predictable and will vary based on a number of factors which include; the magnitude of the injury, the medical implications on the patient (both present and future), the level of the pain the victim has been thrown into, availability of insurance cover by the defaulting party and the economic loses the victim has suffered as a result of the injury.

Consult an attorney if you are a victim of dog jumping fall

If you have ever sustained an injury because a dog jumped on you and you fell, or you have a loved one who is a victim, the smartest thing to do is to consult an attorney if the owner of the dog has neglected your suffering. The good news is that legal consultation is free of charge.

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Article highlights

  • Victims of dog jumping fall deserves to be compensated.
  • One bite rule only covers victims of dog bite.
  • Dog jumping can be linked to neglect on the part of the owner.
  • The wildness of certain breeds of dogs cannot be totally removed.
  • The dog owner is supposed to care for the victim.
  • Calculation of compensation is based on present and future medical prospects.
  • According to law, every individual should protect one another.
  • There are different injuries that can arise when a dog jumps on someone and they fall.
  • Legal consultation is free.
  • Hiring an attorney will help you get the desired compensation.

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