Why It is Dangerous to Drive While Grieving

Why It is Dangerous to Drive While Grieving
Why It is Dangerous to Drive While Grieving
December 27, 2016

Distracted driving such as texting while driving, drinking and driving or driving while drunk is some of the factors that are frequently on the news and attributed to the leading cause of accidents but one important factor that may be neglected is driving while grieving. According to psychologists, this action usually invites a disaster that might be associated with loss of life, life-long injury and a huge loss of money.

Grieving and driving are seldom talked about by road safety agents

Details emerging from different psychological reports have shown that the effect of grief on a driver can be compared with that of a driver that is drinking while driving. There was a case of a certain rapper in Georgia who buried his father and a few days later, was involved in a car crash that claimed his life. Although there was no official report pertaining the cause of the accident but it may have been linked to grieving while driving.

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Grieving has the same effect on the brain as alcohol

When one is intoxicated with alcohol, their reaction to an event will be delayed because their brain will no longer be able to process new information at the rate it should. The faster a driver can react to events, the more increased chances they will mitigate accidents, grieving elicits similar delayed response behind the wheels.

Different studies have shown that grieving can increase the likelihood of an accident

Some of the accident survivors that were interviewed during the course of the two separate studies revealed that they were relieving the memories of a lost one when they had an accident. Widowers were also followed up by case studies and it was found that they had a 93 percent more likelihood of becoming victims of car crash few years after the death of their spouses.

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Distraction of one driver endangers the life of all road users

Injuries sustained from car injuries can, in few case, be mild and most cases are fatal that you may have to miss work. No matter how mild it may be, however, accidents always come with financial implications. The major concern with road safety agents is that when a driver is distracted for one reason or the other, all the road users are put in danger because he or she can crash into them.

Anyone in grief should refrain from driving

In the best interest of the driver and general public, it is advised that anyone grieving the loss of their loved one should refrain from driving immediately after the tragedy or for a few days depending on the emotional stability of the person. As a substitute, you can hire a driver or call on a friend to drive you around temporarily.

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Not every grieving person will agree to refrain from driving

In reality, it may be difficult and probably unrealistic to pin down those in grief from driving. The only alternative is to try and suggest ways they can employ to help them stay focused while driving and they are as follows;

  • Driving with a friend that will help them to stay focused
  • Constantly reminding oneself to stay focused
  • Listening to non-distracting, high energy music
  • Chewing gum

Car accident victims need to see a lawyer as soon as possible

Finding personal injury lawyers in this new age of technology is particularly easy. All you have to do is to make use of your search engine or go directly to their website and you will get all the assistance you need. Bear it in mind that victims of the accident need to be compensated especially if the accident is no fault of theirs.

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Article highlights

  • Distraction of any kind while driving is the lead cause of accident.
  • A distracted driver on the road is a danger to all road users.
  • Psychologists have found out that driving in grief predisposes one to accident.
  • Grieving and driving is a less talked about cause of accident.
  • A driver needs to be fast in their decision behind the wheel to prevent accident.
  • Grieving and alcohol affects the decision time of a driver.
  • Studies have revealed widowers have 93% more likelihood to be involved in accident.
  • Road accidents always come with financial implications.
  • Those in grief should hire a driver or let their friends drive for them.
  • Victims of accidents need to consult a lawyer for a shot at compensation.

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