Frequently Asked Question by Victims of Personal Injury about Rapid Resolution

Frequently Asked Question by Victims of Personal Injury about Rapid Resolution
Frequently Asked Question by Victims of Personal Injury about Rapid Resolution
October 14, 2016

It is clearly stated in injury regulation that you should document an injury declare to be used as an evidence in seeking for a claim. This is only possible when the injury was caused by a third party who acted out of negligence. The question many injured victims would ask first is, ‘How long will all these take to be resolved?’ The following issues determine the length of settlement or resolution of a personal injury case.

The time period for resolution depends mostly on the type of case

Resolution of cases will often take several weeks. For example, many of the whiplash statements are resolved between six and eight weeks. More severe cases involving more intense injuries may take longer. How fast a case is resolved will also depend on the experience of the attorney involved.

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Documentation of an injury declaration is often limited to three years

Talking about the timeframe, it is not only the time for the case to be resolved that should be put into consideration. Another important time restriction victims of an accident should be mindful of is the statute of limitation. This is a defined timeframe that starts reading from the day of the accident in which the victims are legally allowed to file a claim. This time is usually not more than three years from the exact period of the incident.

Have a good record of the expenditures on medical bills

One way to hasten up the time of resolution of a personal injury claim is to make supporting evidences available beforehand showing the extent of your hurt and financial losses as a result of the accident. The evidence should also support your claim. If this evidence is provided on time and is substantive enough to prove the negligence of the third party, the case can be resolved quickly.

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Awarded payment will depend on your injury

Those filing a lawsuit for personal injury will normally attach a specified amount of fee they are claiming to the lawsuit. Most often, victims never get the actual amount they claim. The judges scrutinize the cases and finally decide a logical amount to be paid to the victim. Having enough supportive documents will increase your chance of getting up to the amount you made a claim to. The type of injury sustained also has a role to play in making and receiving a claim.

The type of injury sustained will affect the speed of resolution of the case

A case involving physical injuries can easily be handled and come to an end within a short timeframe. On the other hand, cases that have to deal with mental injuries may have to be followed up to a time in the future (sometimes for years) to determine the progression of the mental injury. It is also hard to provide substantive evidence for mental injury in most cases and may involve the combined effort of psychologists and psychiatrists.

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Proper treatment and recovery before filing the case are supportive to the claim

The time it will take for your injury to be treated is usually the most challenging moment in a personal injury case and would probably consume most of the time. This is because in most cases, the patient should have recovered from the injury before the commencement of the case as they will be required to appear in court proceedings.

Delay in personal injury case conclusion can be a blessing

If a case comes to a hasty conclusion and there is a relapse in the injury, the cost of treatment of these relapses would not be covered by the initial claim. On the other hand, if the case has not been resolved at the time of relapse, the extra expenses can be included in the lawsuit.

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Article highlights

  • Injury declares are used as evidence in seeking claim.
  • Victims of personal injury are always keen to know how long the case would last.
  • Resolution of cases takes several weeks to months.
  • The speed of resolution will depend on the kind of case.
  • Accident victims should always consider the statute of limitation.
  • Well-documented evidence can hasten the resolution of the case.
  • Claim payment will vary depending on the type of injury.
  • Physical injury cases are resolved faster than mental injuries.
  • When a case is delayed and there is a relapse, the attorney can incorporate the new bill into the claim.
  • Time spent in hospital usually stretches the commencement of lawsuit hearing.

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