Future of Personal Injury Law When Driverless Cars Go Commercial

Future of Personal Injury Law When Driverless Cars Go Commercial
Future of Personal Injury Law When Driverless Cars Go Commercial
July 15, 2016

The thrill that Google is producing a driverless car is making the headlines but many people do not know what this will do to the existent personal injury laws. Google is looking for an automobile company to partner with to make this invention commercial in the next five years.

Commercialization of the invention will reduce accident

Majority of the accidents that commonly occur are as a result of human errors. This is why most of the efforts towards combating road accident have been geared towards behavioral change and ensuring more disciplined usage of the road. The driverless car is expected to reduce the number of road accidents drastically.

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Speed limit is an effort to reduce road accident

One of the measures taken to ensure road user discipline is enforcing of speed limits on depending on the density of population of a region and the quality of the road. Disobedience of such others accounts for most of the accidents. Other efforts that have been so far taken to reduce road accidents include prohibition of drunk driving and under aged driving. The driverless car would better stick to such limits and hence, accidents would be avoided.

Driverless cars will stop automatically when they see other cars

Irrespective of whether the driver is asleep, drunk or lost in thoughts, the driverless cars would stop when it sees pedestrians or other cars. In the US alone, over thirty thousand lives are lost annually by road accidents while about two million others survive with varying levels of injury.

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There is a significant drop in road crashes

The casualty rate from road traffic accidents in the US used to be higher than what it currently is. However, with the enforcement of seatbelts and building of safer cars, the casualty figure was brought to the current rate. The driverless car is bound to further drop this number to a record low.

There will be lesser personal injury cases to handle

When the Google driverless car is made commercial and probably its use is made mandatory or other auto makers follows, the number of accidents will be greatly reduced and hence, the number of cases that would be brought to the law court for judgment would be reduced. This will result in some lawyers going out of work.

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There is a controversy on who would pay the damages

Normally, when there is a road accident and someone files a claim for damage, the insurance company or the owner of the vehicle is required to pay for the damage if the claimant wins the case but since the car is driverless, the issue of who pays will come to play.

Insurance companies are backing out from driverless automobiles

Insurance companies are of the opinion that there would be no need for driverless automobiles on the road when someone still has to keep control of them. Adrian Lund, president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety predicts that the current insurance policy and the aforementioned legal barrier is bound to keep driverless cars out of the street till a future date.

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Article highlights

  • Google has designed a car that will not need a driver to operate.
  • If Google finds an automobile partner, the car will be commercially launched in five years.
  • The driverless car will obey road traffic irrespective of the state of the driver.
  • Over 30,000 US citizens die annually from road traffic accident.
  • More than two million people are injured from road accidents annually.
  • Majority of road accidents have been attributed to human errors.
  • Google driverless car is projected to reducing road accident.
  • Speed limit is one of the initiatives used to reduce road accidents.
  • Seatbelts and safer cars are some of the efforts that reduced road accidents.
  • When driverless car becomes commercial, there will be lesser personal injury cases to judge.

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