Heart Attack Linked to Testosterone Class Action Claim

Heart Attack Linked to Testosterone Class Action Claim
Heart Attack Linked to Testosterone Class Action Claim
September 28, 2016

Low testosterone is a problem among males. Testosterone is a hormone in males that control the appearance of secondary growth factors in males such as deepening of the voice and growth of hairs in the pubic region. Absence of testosterone will lead to the feminization of a man. To combat this, testosterone treatment drugs are given to the patient.

Testosterone treatment increases the risk of health complications in men

In recent years, there have been rise in the number of males requiring testosterone treatment.Unfortunately, it has been reported that testosterone treatment in males lead to increase in the risk of cardiac health complications.

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Various harms have been linked to the use of testosterone gels

Testosterone treatment may be prescribed in the form of gels, injections, patches and deodorants. No matter the form the treatment comes, they have been suspected to cause blood clot, heart attack, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and in some extreme cases, death. This medication has also been linked to stroke.

Law firms are investigating potential class action for testosterone manufacturers

One of the leading manufacturers of testosterone is currently being investigated by a law firm to decide the potential class action or single party claim they will get. They are calling on those who have suffered any of the symptoms mentioned above to contact their law firm. Past victims will serve as witnesses that would help them validate the claim.

One of the testosterone drugs work by sticking to the gums

The makers of one of the popular testosterone drugs made it in such a way that it binds to the inner cheek of the person using the medication and gradually releases testosterone in a controlled and secure manner.

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FDA is still scrutinizing the side effects of testosterone

As of 2014, the Food and Drug Administration released different Drug Safety Communications saying that they are investigating the health risk posed by testosterone drugs they have earlier approved. The alert comes on the heels of continued investigation of the available data.

Product liability lawsuit will try to show the drug defect in four stages

Defect of drugs can occur in any of the four different phases of production and a law firm has to prove their case using any of the four phases to stand a chance of winning the claim. The four different phases are

  • The phase of research and design.
  • The phase of drug manufacture.
  • Labeling defect or failure of the manufacturer to proper communicate all the known defects pertaining use of the drug.
  • Product false advertising.

The size of compensation will depend on several factors

The level of compensation will vary depending on factors such as the severity of harm suffered by the user, the cost of treatment, possibility of future medical rehabilitation, loss in revenue and fortune and so on. The size of compensation is one factor that patients are overtly worried about but fail to understand that they are predictable.

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It is costly to hire an attorney

Hiring an attorney is not on the low side especially if the family had spent a lot of money earlier to treat the sick member or pay the burial rights. However, there is a contingency arrangement as regards legal representation. In this agreement, the family members will not have to pay from their pocket but from the proceeds of the claim when the case has been successfully completed.

Some law firms are offering free legal consultation

To know more, you can visit the firms that cover this kind of lawsuit. Most of them still offer free legal consultations and you will be adequately advised on what to do.

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Article highlights

  • There has been rise in men using testosterone drugs in the last decade.
  • The available testosterone drugs are under scrutiny.
  • Testosterone is responsible for secondary maturation in men.
  • Several health complications have been associated with testosterone treatment.
  • Some of these drugs have been approved by FDA.
  • There are law firms that will help victims of testosterone drug use get compensation.
  • The size of the compensation is determined by various factors.
  • Hiring a lawyer can be very expensive.
  • There are law firms offering free legal advice.
  • Contingency plan makes it easy for victims to get justice.

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