How to Handle Cataclysmic Personal Injury with Ease

How to Handle Cataclysmic Personal Injury with Ease
How to Handle Cataclysmic Personal Injury with Ease
October 29, 2016

Irrespective of where an accident occurs – be it on the road or in the home – there is always some level of injury to humans or damage to property that comes with it. In most cases, only property losses are recorded but there are also few incidents when loss of life gets involved. Either way, the pendulum swings; the economic or financial loss gets involved along the line.

Financial loss cannot be avoided when there is an accident

Whenever there is an accident, the damaged properties would need to be replaced or at least, refurbished – this is when there is only property damage. When a human injury gets involved, hospital bills will mount. If peradventure there is a loss of life, the psychological trauma can be difficult to handle and the family members will have to prepare for burial – more financial losses. It cannot also be dismissed that a lesser form of injury can deteriorate to a life-threatening form in a short time.

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Catastrophic injuries are bigger than bruises

A catastrophic injury here does not refer to a simple bruise or fall but a situation that transforms your life forever. One person may slip and fall without any harm besides bruises here and there while another who has undergone similar circumstances will have broken ribs or spine that will change their life forever.

Catastrophic personal injury will transform your life forever

Injuries resulting in facial scars which alter the configuration of your face may result in a reduced self-esteem and ultimately affect your relationship with others. At the extreme, there may be a permanent disability which includes paralysis when the spinal cord has been damaged. The psychological trauma is one aspect of personal injury that is mostly ignored – though it is as tumultuous as the physical pain.

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The services of a lawyer should be hired when there is catastrophic injury

When you are a victim of a fierce injury which has transformed your life in a certain way, do not attempt to go it alone. Immediately hire the services of an attorney who would help you determine the amount of claim that is right for your case. A better compensation is right for a more grave injury but this can only be guaranteed if you have a lawyer working beside you.

Some factors need to be put into consideration when penning down a claim

For catastrophic injuries, the claim should not only be limited to the medical bills and the psychological trauma that have been involved but a projection will need to be made with regards to the sustenance of the victim in the future especially when they have been incapacitated from working as a result of the injury.

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Poor representation has affected the amount of claim victims of catastrophic injuries receive

There are two sides to the poor success of victims of catastrophic personal injury. In the first instance, they may receive an amount that is not equivalent to their claim as a result of poor representation from their attorney – this mostly happens when an inexperienced lawyer is hired. The second part of the story is that the claims made are often smaller than what they deserve.

Gathering testimonies and evidence is part of the duty of a lawyer

A good lawyer will not sit and fold their hands waiting for the presiding judge to pass a judgment. They will go out and gather evidence and look for people to testify on behalf of their client. They will also evaluate the economic and the non-economic losses in a bid to reach a claim that is satisfactory to the victim.

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Article highlights

  • An accident always leads to some level of injury.
  • Increased financial loss cannot be dissociated from the accident.
  • Catastrophic injuries can transform your life forever.
  • A similar accident in different people can result in different levels of injuries.
  • Facial scar injuries can affect your self-esteem.
  • An attorney should be hired immediately after an injury.
  • Future implications of a catastrophic injury need to be considered when penning a claim.
  • Poor representation can lead to a poor claim.
  • Inexperienced lawyers will make an insufficient claim.
  • Experienced attorneys will gather enough evidence on behalf of the client.

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