How You Can Sue for Psychological Trauma after a Dog Bite

How You Can Sue for Psychological Trauma after a Dog Bite
How You Can Sue for Psychological Trauma after a Dog Bite
September 24, 2016

There are different breeds of dogs kept as pets by different people. Some breeds of dogs are more aggressive than the others. You cannot always guarantee that the huge money you spent on training the more aggressive specie will stop them from attacking innocent people on the street when you take it out for a walk.

There are two sides to every dog bite

There are two outcomes that can result from dog bites. The first is the physical injury that would arise at the point they bit you. A dog attack would either leave a deep cut (if they bit you) or present a shallow scratch if they scratch you with their claws. The other side of a dog injury is the psychological injury. The psychological trauma can lead to anxiety, fear and restless nights without sleep.

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Psychological trauma is the most important in dog bite

The physical injury becomes evident immediately but there has to be medical examination to be able to determine the psychological trauma. The psychological claim is also the one that can fetch you the most compensation. However, some attorneys completely ignore this part of the claim and focus on the physical injury.

Psychological trauma from dog big has symptoms similar to post traumatic stress disorder

When you have been bitten by a dog, you can file a law suit against the dog owner. However, you will need a proper examination by a physician who will confirm this. If this is not done, your case can be thrown out of court for lack of evidence. A licensed clinical psychologist must do the diagnosis for it to have a certain level of credibility.

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Quantifying a psychological claim is very difficult

Unlike physical injuries that values can easily be placed on, mental or psychological injuries cannot be fully quantified just by looking. This is the more reason why you need a professional psychologist to properly evaluate you to know the extent of damage that has been done. In doing this, take note that physical injuries will heal faster than psychological injuries which may stay with you for life.

Do not be afraid to instruct your attorney on which claim to pursue

Bear it in mind that not all attorneys think out of the box. A couple of them are myopic in their views and this can be traced to how much they know about personal injury. When your attorney is filing only for physical injury, it is your duty to tell them to consider filing for other forms of injuries too. Your attorney needs to use all available claims to maximize your benefit.

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Consider alternative counsel if your attorney fails to hear you out

If you seem not to be satisfied by the explanations of your attorney, you can seek alternative counsel. Likewise, if you make suggestions on the different claims your attorney should pursue and he / she considers it irrelevant when you are convinced of a positive result, you can kick your attorney out of the door and look for another.

To be able to try quantifying psychological claims you need to understand how it affects you

Though it is not easy to try to quantify psychological trauma but answering questions such as the impact of the condition on you, how the injury has affected your life and what type of damage you have been exposed to will help you to a large extend be able to place a price tag on your condition.

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Article highlights

  • A dog bite leads to both physical and psychological injury.
  • Physical injury from dog attack can be deep or shallow.
  • Psychological injury cannot be easily quantified.
  • Aggressive breeds of dogs cannot be tamed totally.
  • Not all lawyers know about psychological trauma from dog bite claim.
  • To give credibility to your claim, a professional physician should have you checked.
  • Psychological trauma can lead to anxiety and fear.
  • The benefit paid for psychological claim is usually higher than other claims.
  • Answering the question of how your injury has affected your life will help you quantify psychological claim.
  • Psychological trauma is the most important as regards to dog bite.

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