Information on Burn Injury Lawsuit

Information on Burn Injury Lawsuit
Information on Burn Injury Lawsuit
September 13, 2016

In the United States, fireplace is one of the common sights you would see in every home. The purpose of fireplaces is generally to heat up the home and chase the extreme cold away. That these fireplaces are confined to a corner or in a box does not mean they cannot cause serious bodily burn by accident or cause the loss of properties.

Some fireplace gas burners pose a threat to life and property

Sometime in the past, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission had to recall gas fireplace burners. The reason for the nationwide recall was because the fireplace gas burners had the potential to allow gas buildup around the burner which could cause explosion.

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Fireplace gas explosions have resulted in a number of personal injuries and loss of property

There have been some reported cases of fireplace gas explosion and these explosions have resulted in a number of harms. So far, such explosions have been reported to cause nine cases of property damage and one case of injury. The figure would have been more but there are a dozen more other fireplace gas explosion that is not reported.

Defective product law firm is investigating cases of harm from defective products

There are a number of law firms out there that are into investigating injuries and property losses resulting from the manufacture and sale of defective products by some manufacturers. Finding such law firms when you are a victim of personal injury will help you get the desired compensation from the manufacturers.

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A victim of defective product can file a lawsuit based on certain reasons

Before a victim of a defective product can file a claim they have to prove in the law court that the product posed or caused harm to them or their property. There are certain defects in a product for which you can file a claim and they are as follows;

  • Defect in the labeling of the product,
  • Defect in the original design of the product, and;
  • Defect in the manufacture of the item.

The compensation package of the victim will depend on a number of factors

Persons that have been victims of personal injury as a result of defective product have the right under the law to seek for compensation for all the harms endured. The person can seek compensation for the medical expenses, the cost of future medical expenses, wage loses during the time the person was harmed and mental loss or damage (which is not easy to quantify but usually the highest paying).

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Punitive damage is when the defendant act with the intent of causing harm

Individuals are allowed by the court for appropriation of punitive damages if it was established that the defaulting party acted with the cautiousness of causing harm or when the defendant was reckless to not have considered the health of the consumer.

You can seek compensation if your home was destroyed by a fireplace explosion

Like mentioned earlier, explosion of fireplace gas cylinders may result to burning of the home. Claim is allowed when there has been a significant loss of property. There are a number of attorneys that you can run to if you have been a victim. They will be willing to help you with the paper works and follow up the case to the latter.

Contacting an attorney is easy

The ease of assessing an attorney has been increased with the advent of the internet. Many attorneys have websites where they can be easily contacted.

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Article highlights

  • Many homes in the US have fireplaces.
  • Fireplaces are constructed to keep the house warm.
  • A defective fireplace burner can lead to a buildup of gas resulting in explosion.
  • Not all fireplace gas explosions are reported.
  • Certain law firms are professionals in handling fireplace injuries.
  • Law suit on defective products can be filed on three grounds.
  • Victims of fireplace burns are entitled to compensation.
  • When individuals act to cause harm, it can be termed punitive damage.
  • Claims are allowed for property damage if the damage is significant.
  • The Internet has made it easy to access burn injury attorneys.

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