Intersections are Great Site for Potential Accident

Intersections are Great Site for Potential Accident
Intersections are Great Site for Potential Accident
December 21, 2016

Every statistics that has to do with road traffic accident points to the fact that there is an increase in the number of road traffic accidents. Of all the recorded road traffic accidents, the majority of them occur at intersections (about forty percent according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). A number of reasons make intersections potential sites for accidents. The reasons are highlighted below.

The converging of traffic in one spot puts the driver and pedestrian in harm’s way

It is normal for pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists to slow down at intersections. The reduced velocity of all the moving bodies leads to a large amount of them in a place. We all know that the larger the traffic in a place, the more unsafe it becomes but the frequency of accidents can be avoided at intersections if you understand some facts about them.

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There are many factors that contribute to rising intersection crashes

One or a combination of factors lead to the increasing crashes at the site of intersections and they include the volume of traffic, the type of traffic signal employed, number of roads coming together and the age and gender of the drivers. Let us have a closer look at the different factors one after the other.

1. Age and gender of the driver

Very young or very old motorists usually have a poor sense of judgment. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 96 percent of the accident at intersections can be attributed to illegal movements like moving when a red light is on. Very young drivers are usually very enthusiastic and tend to undermine road traffic rules while a blurry sight can make an older driver not to see the traffic light clearly.

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2. The number of roads coming together

When more roads are coming together in one place like can be seen at intersections, it often makes it difficult for a motorist to decipher who should give way to the other. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found out that that 22 percent of intersection accidents occur when motorists are making a left turn while 12 percent occur when they are driving through the intersection.

3. The type of traffic signal employed

We cannot completely rule out mechanical errors from intersection accidents. There are times when the road traffic lights are not properly calibrated (or as a result of error) making them gives way to two opposing traffics at the same time resulting in an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also discovered that fewer accidents occurred when a mechanical traffic light was used to control traffic than when a human being is employed.

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You need to contact a lawyer if you are a victim of intersection accident

Whenever you are approaching an intersection, you should be totally cautious and vigilant and accept the fact that there could be an accident. However, when an accident occurs that is not a fault of yours, you need to contact an accident lawyer as quickly as possible. Accident lawyers will offer you legal advice concerning how to file a claim.

Accident victims suffer severe financial losses

Most intersection accidents are usually fatal or leave the victims in dire situations. To get out of these situations, they will need to pay heavily to the physicians. Accident lawyers can help such victims reduce the financial losses resulting from their situation by filing a lawsuit against the defaulting party and seeking compensation on behalf of the victim. There are a number of accident attorneys available in the US and can be easily found online as well. Sue for their help immediately to compensate possible severe losses if you unfortunately succumb to such an accident.

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Article highlights

  • Statistics shows that there is an increase in the number of road accidents.
  • The risk of a road accident is increased with industrialization.
  • Intersections are accident flashpoints.
  • The number of roads coming together can confuse uninformed drivers.
  • Intersection accidents are usually attributed to error on the part of the driver.
  • Age and gender of the driver can affect their sense of judgment.
  • More accidents have been recorded when traffic is controlled by a human than a traffic light.
  • Pedestrians and drivers should be cautious when approaching an intersection.
  • Accident lawyers can help with legal advice and should be contacted quickly.
  • The victim’s loss can be augmented when the lawyer files a claim.

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