Law Firms Offering Free Personal Injury Legal Consultation and Evaluation

Law Firms Offering Free Personal Injury Legal Consultation and Evaluation
Law Firms Offering Free Personal Injury Legal Consultation and Evaluation
September 12, 2016

Personal injury has a broad definition and covers injury sustained by an individual through any of the following accidents – motorcycle, auto, truck, tractor, trailer, 18 wheeler, coach bus, bicycle, plane, and metro rail. Slip and fall accidents by pedestrians can also be classified as personal injury if the underlying cause is not of their own making. However, the good news is that the victims of any such injury can avail themselves of the opportunity to get free legal advice and evaluation of their losses with the help of some emerging law firms.

Getting advice as a victim of personal injury is difficult

When one is a victim of serious injury, he or she would reek of confusion, unsure of what next step to take. At such moments, different ideas would be flying around and if you are not careful, you may fall for the wrong one. Sadly, the number of accidents on the highway is on the increase. A reporter that spent 4 hours of writing a press release was amazed of how many accidents occurred on the freeway daily.

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There are limited resources to help every victim of personal injury

Almost every minute in the Los Angeles County, an accident occurs. In a whole day, the total amount of accident is enormous. The same is the fate of Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Orange County. These accidents would normally lead to increase in bills but the problem is that the resources to take care of this are limited.

Personal injury is not covered by insurance

Most health insurance doesn’t have a provision for personal injury. This presents a problem to victims of personal injuries. What it then means is that they would have to fund the medical bills from their pocket. Other problems that would have to bother a victim of accident are legal matters, being out of work, expenses for fixing the auto body and so on.

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Law firm will confirm if you have a personal injury claim

When accidents happen, drivers together with their passengers are often confused, scared and unsure of how to deal with insurance claims adjusters. There are tough auto accident law firm willing to offer free legal consultations to victims of accidents and personal injuries.

The step to verify if you have a personal injury claim is easy

A legal representative in Southern California is readily available to victims of personal injuries which are complicated. Alexander D. Napolin of the Napolin Law Firm in an interview advised that the first thing to do in an accident is to make sure the patient gets proper medical attention and then you call the police.

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Drivers and passengers are encouraged to document the scene

A police report can mean that there can be no settlement claim or contain the maximum settlement claim under the California state personal injury law. Passengers and drivers are advised to document the accident scene through photographs. Accident victims can also take voice recordings of witnesses in the scene of the accident.

Accident victims should hire an attorney

Alexander D. Napoli concluded his interview by stressing how wise it was for victims of personal injuries to hire an attorney. Not all attorneys are knowledgeable about personal injury and that is why victims need to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. With the help of the lawyer, the victims can fight against the insurance companies who would want them to do otherwise.

Auto accident lawyers offer initial free consultation

Their initial assessment of the case will tell the victim if he has a personal injury case or claim at all so they won’t waste their time. This free service ensures that every victim of accident irrespective of financial status gets a fair judgment.

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Article highlights

  • The first thing to do during an accident is to make sure the victims gets medical attention.
  • Accident is rampant on the freeway recently.
  • Some accident lawyers offer free initial consultation.
  • After medication during an accident, the police should be involved.
  • The high number of accidents is putting a strain on the resources to help them.
  • Victims of accidents are usually confused and unsure of what to do.
  • Health insurance usually doesn’t cover personal injuries.
  • Accident victims should document the scene.
  • Personal injury encompasses a whole lot of actions.
  • Free consultation makes it easy for all to get professional advice.

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