Lawsuit Funding and the Reasons for Drag in Personal Injury Cases

Lawsuit Funding and the Reasons for Drag in Personal Injury Cases
Lawsuit Funding and the Reasons for Drag in Personal Injury Cases
October 9, 2016

Injuries often arise that are caused by the negligence of others warranting that you seek some form of compensation. Personal injury involves a very complicated legal process because it involves an individual filing a claim against another individual, a company or an organization. The process often drags for many months – and sometimes years. There are different reasons why a personal injury case takes time to resolve and some of them are written below.

1. The attorney needs to prove the negligence of the offender

The philosophy behind personal injury cases is that there must have been some act of negligence that resulted to the injury. The attorney handling the lawsuit has to provide enough evidence that shows that his or her client sustained the injury as a result of negligence. Gluing together these pieces of evidence often takes time.

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2. The level of the injury will need to be ascertained

It is not every injury that attracts compensation. Minor bruises does not attract personal injury claim. The victim and attorney will need to obtain medical and psychological reports (in the case of mental trauma) that show the extent of the injury. Making accurate diagnosis is time consuming and the process cannot be hastened in most cases.

3. Determining the right compensation

Every personal injury lawsuit is usually backed by an underlying compensation demand. It is really hard to tell the amount that would be right for a particular injury. Compensation will also differ from one type of injury to another with mental injury usually receiving the most compensation package.

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4. The experience of the lawyer

A personal injury case will get to an expedited conclusion if the attorneys involved have a wealth of experience in the case. A less experienced lawyer will often seek for necessary adjournments to enable them source for more evidences to back their claim. A more experienced lawyer will have the evidences handy beforehand.

The claimant can become indebted if the case drags for too long

When a personal injury claimant is working with a lawyer that is not operating on contingency fee, the bills (the attorney’s payment) will begin to mount and may often get out of their hand. To sustain the case, the claimant might be forced to seek for funding from any means possible. The good news is that there are a number of institutions that are offering legal funding for personal injury lawsuit.

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A cash advance can help you cover daily expenses

Bridgeway Legal Funding has a specialty in pre-settlement loans and lawsuit advances. Cash advances will help the plaintiff cope with rent, daily living expenses, emergency medical costs, car repayment and a lot more to avoid settling the case prematurely. With a financial flexibility like Bridgeway Legal Funding you will have the backing to chase your case to its full value.

Certain personal injury case can be funded by Bridgeway Legal Funding

Not all case of personal injury can be funded by Bridgeway Legal Funding. The personal injury cases that can be funded includes commercial vehicle accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian knock downs, construction accidents, slip and falls, labor law claims, premise liability claims and Jones act claims.

Advance can be gotten in 24 hours

The funding is a fast one and can be gotten in less than 24 hours after contacting them. One of the remarkable features of an advance from Bridgeway Legal Funding is that it is non-recourse, meaning that if it happens that you are not successful with the case you owe them nothing.

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Article highlights

  • Personal injury case is based on negligence.
  • There are various reasons that make personal injury case stretch for months.
  • The attorney will have to prove that the defendant was negligent.
  • Every piece of evidence will have to be well documented.
  • The size of claim varies with severity of injury.
  • There are funding options for personal injury.
  • Personal injury funding covers only a certain type of injury.
  • Bridgeway Legal Funding Loans can be gotten in 24 hours.
  • Not all attorneys operate on contingency fee.
  • Cash advances will help you cope with daily bills.

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