Payment of Claim Necessitates the Involvement of Personal Injury Attorney

Payment of Claim Necessitates the Involvement of Personal Injury Attorney
Payment of Claim Necessitates the Involvement of Personal Injury Attorney
October 20, 2016

Victims of accident, particularly those who became victims as a result of negligence on the part of another, are eligible to seek some monetary compensation from the defendant that will take care of some of their financial burdens. To ensure that you are not short-changed in the process, the presence of an attorney is mandatory.

Claims can be obtained in various ways

The defendant may decide to take responsibility for the situation and take charge of the bills of the victim from onset to the end. The victim can also head to the insurance company of the defaulter and seek for compensation. The third and the most sought path is involving a personal injury lawyer. Involving a personal injury attorney is vital even when a lawsuit is not going to be filed.

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An attorney will protect your interest

There are a good number of benefits associated with hiring a good personal injury lawyer to oversee the payment of your claim and they include:

1. You will not be underpaid

If the defaulter or their insurer sees that you are going it solo, most of them will be tempted to underpay you having in mind that you may not have an idea of what your case is worth. An attorney will critically analyze the case, bringing in dimensions you never thought about to increase the amount you can claim.

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2. You will not be denied by insurers

Not all cases of accidents will eventually make it to the court especially when they are resolved amicably to the satisfaction of both parties. Getting insurance companies to take responsibility for the actions of people they have insured is usually a great problem. If you do not work with an experienced lawyer, they can easily wave your case away.

3. The attorney will prove your case

The defendant can easily deny that they are not responsible for your problem if you do not have good evidence to pin them down. The duty of a good attorney is to visit the accident scene if possible to collect evidence that will show that the defendant acted out of neglect which resulted in the injury to the plaintiff. This may include collecting eyewitness opinions as well as taking pictures and videos.

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4. The attorney will analyze the case to prevent you from wasting your time

Many people have the misconception that whenever they are involved in an accident, they must be paid some amount as compensation. Cases like mild bruises will not attract any claim likewise several other mild injuries. When you involve an attorney in such a case, they will look for another angle to the injury that will qualify you for a claim such as psychological trauma.

Some attorneys work on contingency fee basis

The main reason why many people are scared of hiring an attorney when they have been involved in an accident is that they are afraid it will attract more financial implications in addition to the already difficult situation of paying medical bills. There are attorneys that will not collect any fee till the case has been resolved. This agreement is known as contingency fee payment.

Hiring an attorney should be done quickly

When you are involved in an accident, there is a burning need to hire an attorney as quickly as possible so that they will help you beat the statute of limitation. Your right to payment of claim can be lost if the time for the statute of limitation has been exceeded.

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Article highlights

  • Involving a lawyer when seeking claims will ensure you get the desired amount.
  • Victims of accidents as a result of the negligence of another are legally allowed to file a claim.
  • If the defaulting party takes responsibility for the bills, you may not need to file a claim.
  • An attorney will look for ways to increase your claim.
  • The insurance company of the defaulter may offer to underpay you.
  • Insurance companies may refuse to pay claims out rightly.
  • Not every case will attract a claim.
  • Attorneys will look for evidence to prove the defendant is guilty.
  • Seek for attorneys that operate on contingency fee.
  • Hiring an attorney on time will help you beat the statute of limitation.

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