Points to Note before Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Points to Note before Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Points to Note before Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
September 30, 2016

Road traffic collision has been adjudged by recent reports as the leading cause of accident in the United States and many other developed nations round the world. More people die from road accidents than a combination of the number of people killed in wars and by diseases. This alarming statistics shows how vital the job of motorcycle accident lawyers has become.

Motorcycle accident lawyers help victims injured by mistakes of another

It has been widely demonstrated that most motorcycle accidents are caused by negligence or recklessness on the part of one of the involved parties. The main intervention of the lawyer is to bridge the communication gap between the victim and the insurance company. This is a necessity for an amicable resolution of the case.

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Insurance companies may refuse to take responsibility in the absence of a lawyer

When a lawyer is not involved, majority of the insurers will look for all means possible to wriggle out of the case and avoid paying the claims. They will request for nonexistent documents while dragging the case till the statutes of limitation elapses. This makes the inclusion of a motorcycle accident lawyer in motorcycle accident cases paramount.

Note this vital information while hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer

Unless you are well informed in the legal system, there is some important information that you may not be aware of when you intend to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. Dishonest lawyers who are aware that you are ignorant in such matters may take advantage of you. The vital points to note are as follows:

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1. Initial consultations are free

The main reason why many motorcycle accident victims will stay clear of the premises of accident victim lawyers is that they believe payment begins from the first moment of visiting the lawyer. This is not true. In fact, the initial consultations are always free and there are times when the victim will not be required to pay until the case has been positively resolved.

2. You should be on the lookout for experience

Like in every other profession, experience is very important in choosing a motorcycle injury lawyer. Looking for someone with over 30 years’ experience in handling of motorcycle accident cases may not be realistic but you should be sure that the person is highly knowledgeable on what lies ahead. If your lawyer is just a novice like you on the matter, you may not make remarkable headway.

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3. Not all cases will require you to file a lawsuit

Studies reveal that in close to ninety five percent of cases, the motorcycle injury lawyer may not even need to file a case to bring the case to an amicable resolution. If you have sufficient knowledge of the insurer of the motorcyclist, you can approach them and seek compensation without necessarily filing a lawsuit. A lawsuit only becomes paramount if both parties fail to reach a peaceful resolution.

4. Have a prior discussion with the lawyer on fees if you are hiring online

Virtually all motorcycle injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis which means that they get to be paid only when the case has been won and the compensation has been paid to the victim. A proper settlement about the fees of the lawyer is safe specially if you are going to hire your lawyer online. With this kind of arrangement you can afford to hire the best lawyer.

Resolution of motorcycle accident cases takes time

With or without a lawyer, the resolution of motorcycle accident cases will often stretch for a long time. When you approach an expert, there is no harm in asking how long the case may last so that you can be mentally prepared for the process in advance.

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Article highlights

  • Motorcycle accident victims should involve a lawyer to settle the claim comfortably.
  • Not all cases will require the lawyer to file a lawsuit.
  • Road traffic accident is the leading cause of death in the USA.
  • Lawyers close the gap of communication between the victim and the insurers.
  • Compensation is sought if the motorcycle accident is the fault of another.
  • Initial consultation is free.
  • Many lawyers of motorcycle injury work on contingency basis.
  • Experience counts in selecting a lawyer.
  • Lawsuit is filed when insurance company fails to take responsibility.
  • Resolution of motorcycle injury cases is usually a lengthy process.

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