The Possibility of Suing When You are Injured Riding on the Back of a Pickup

The Possibility of Suing When You are Injured Riding on the Back of a Pickup
The Possibility of Suing When You are Injured Riding on the Back of a Pickup
December 31, 2016

Riding in the back of a pickup truck is an exhilarating experience because it allows you to feel the breeze on your cheeks and soak up the vitamin D-rich sunlight if you are driving in the morning. With festivities around the corner, the fact that many holiday makers and fun seekers will be riding at the back of pickups cannot be put off. Yet, the question is, ‘how safe is the practice?’

If you are hurt while riding at the back of a pickup, seek medical attention

Riding at the back of a pickup is fun but also risky. There have been cases of people who have been attacked by animals while riding at the back of a pickup. When you have been injured in this adventure, medical professionals have advised that you seek immediate medical attention. An injury may appear mild on the outside but critical medical examination may reveal something more on the inside.

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Many states restrict riding on the back of pickups

The back of pickups is usually restricted to carrying of goods. On record, thirty states have restricted the riding of pickup backs to adults – obviously for the safety concerns. Once you have attained the age of seven and above, it is totally legal for you to ride in the back of a pickup if you so wish.

Passengers at the back of a pickup are at greater danger of accident

Two women who have been involved in the practice of riding the back of pickup recently opened up to the public saying that the practice was unsafe. The state patrol has lent their voice to condemn the action saying that it puts passengers at greater risk of being injured if the truck involves in an accident.

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Safety of riding on the back of pickup is not dependent on the carefulness of the truck driver

The truck driver may be very careful in his or her driving but they cannot vouch that the other drivers will act in the same manner. The passengers at the back of a pickup can still get injured when another car rams into their truck. The impact may be enough to throw the passenger out of the back of the pickup onto the ground resulting in varying level of injury.

Certain reasons make riding on the back of pickups unsafe

When traveling on a road that is not even, the car may be forced to bump. This can throw off the passenger. The main reason why it is unsafe to ride in the back of pickups is because they do not have seatbelts. Also, the individual has no protection if anything should ever cause the truck to roll over.

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Individuals that ride on the back of pickups rarely consider gas toxicity

The burning of fuel by the engine of a car leads to the production of carbon monoxide which is expelled through the exhaust pipe. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless but very poisonous because when it enters the body, it starves the blood of oxygen. Because of its properties, individuals riding on pickup backs will not know they are inhaling this gas. Carbon monoxide is deadly and has a high fatality rate.

Traumatic injuries may occur when a passenger is ejected from the back of trucks

The most common traumatic injuries are head injuries which can affect the person’s speech, sleep, thought, and mood. If you or your loved one has been injured while riding the back of a pickup, the personal responsibilities for the risk will need to be considered but there is also the possibility of suing for compensation. A professional injury attorney will analyze your chances.

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Article highlights

  • Riding the back of a pickup is a thrilling experience.
  • The back of a pickup can expose you to vitamin D-rich sunlight.
  • Riding the back of pickups has been banned for children less than 7 years.
  • The practice of riding pickup backs is risky.
  • Passengers can be easily ejected from pickup backs by bumps.
  • The common traumatic injury with ejection from pickup back is head injuries.
  • Head injuries can affect the victim’s speech and memory.
  • More people are likely to ride pickup backs during festivities.
  • The state patrol has warned people against riding in pickup backs.
  • Passengers in pickup backs are exposed to carbon monoxide.

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