Risks Associated with Hands-Free Chatting while Driving

Risks Associated with Hands-Free Chatting while Driving
Risks Associated with Hands-Free Chatting while Driving
December 31, 2016

In the past, a lot of concentrations were associated with driving. Drivers are expected to focus only on the wheel. Some drivers have attributed this to the reason why drivers sleep while on the wheel. In recent times, however, there are lots of activities that can be carried out while on the wheel and these have also begun to make navigation of the vehicle seem secondary.

Different activities are now been done by drivers

From texting on one chat app to watching the GPS navigation board that comes preinstalled on the dashboard of many modern cars, there are lots of other activities that steal the primary attention of drivers. In the extreme, there are those that put make-ups and sip from a coffee cup while behind the wheel.

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Distracted driving is the lead cause of accident

When a driver is on the road, it is very important that they make quick judgments when navigating a car. Delayed judgment on the part of the driver is usually the main cause of an accident. These side actions tend to divert the driver’s attention when they are on the wheel.

The statistics on the accident from distracted driving is staggering

The United States Department of Transportation released a statistics that showed there were an estimated four hundred and thirty-one thousand people who got injured from an accident caused by distracted driving. There were also over three thousand deaths from the same reason. The Center for Disease Control has grouped the popular distractions into three categories namely; visual distractions, manual distractions, and cognitive distractions.

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Hands-free car kit is designed to allow you answer calls while driving

The major purpose of the hands-free Bluetooth enabled car kits are to give the driver the liberty to answer incoming calls while behind the wheel. One may argue that driving is done with the hands and that hands-free car kits do not interfere with these but the process of answering call can take the driver’s attention.

Drivers are becoming increasingly distracted while driving

A leading mobile telecom carried out a survey on distracted driving in 2015 and found out that more drivers are increasingly getting distracted. The credibility of this finding was not deterred by the various motorists that denied to making calls while behind the wheel – notwithstanding that they do. Seven in ten agreed to use their smartphones while driving. A breakdown of this figure showed sixty-one percent were guilty of texting, thirty-three percent sending emails and twenty-seven percent browsing social media.

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Hands-free devices have not made answering calls while driving less dangerous

Do not be disillusioned to think that the presence of hands-free devices has made answering of calls while driving less risky. Come to think about it, it is not really holding the mobile phone with one hand while using the other to navigate with the steering wheel that is the issue. The key concern is the emotions the call may elicit which will affect the driver’s judgment temporarily. The increasing activities that are now available on smart phones add to the distraction.

Those hurt by distracted driver can sue them for damages

If you have been hurt in one way or another by a distracted driver, you may be entitled to compensation. The basis of the compensation will center on the lost income, the growing medical bills and other non-economic loss like losing a beloved partner because the accident has made you an amputee – which your partner thinks they will not be able to cope with.

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Article highlights

  • Technological gadgets are taking the attention of many drivers off the wheel.
  • Many drivers have confessed to texting or making calls while driving.
  • Hands-free devices were created to allow drivers answer calls while driving.
  • Distracted driving is the lead cause of an accident.
  • When a driver is distracted, their judgment is delayed.
  • United States Department of Transportation showed 31,000 people were injured from distracted driving.
  • Numerous deaths have also been associated with distracted driving.
  • Answering calls while driving is still as dangerous as ever even with hands-free devices.
  • Every call has the tendency to affect the driver’s emotion.
  • You can seek compensation if you have been hurt by a distracted driver.

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