Solution for Head Injuries Resulting from Falling Merchandize

Solution for Head Injuries Resulting from Falling Merchandize
Solution for Head Injuries Resulting from Falling Merchandize
September 28, 2016

It is a normal safety practice that engineers wear safety boots and helmets when they are working. These safety precautions are often neglected or ignored by those in other professions. There have been reported instances where merchandize fall from shelves and hit workers on the head resulting in personal injuries.

A hard hit on the head would usually lead to concussion

When a person has been hit hard on the head by a falling merchandize, the result is most often a concussion. Such a person may not be aware of what hit them or where the pain they feel is coming from. In mild cases, the person will recover quickly and will only feel the throbbing of their head.

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Head injuries can result in more serious conditions

The result of head injury can be life threatening in some cases or have effects that would last for a very long time. A good example of such long term effect of head injury is amnesia. Amnesia is a sudden loss of memory where one cannot remember a thing about their past. A more serious life threatening cause of head injury is permanent paralysis.

Establishment can be held responsible for head injury of their employee

When an establishment fails to correctly place their ceiling fittings and it falls on an employee and results in head injuries, such establishment can be held accountable. Also, in a store whose shelves are not correctly stocked, if a merchandize should fall on an employee or one of the customers of the store, the owner of the store can be held accountable.

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The store owner will have to pay the claims if the merchandize is not insured

When the merchandize has been insured, the claims would have to be paid by the insurer. If on the other hand the merchandize that caused the head injury was not insured, the owner of the establishment will be held accountable.

Keep your medical records handy when you have a personal injury

If you are a victim of head injury as a result of falling merchandize, the first thing to do would be visit closest medical facility to get treated. Get a copy of the incident report and keep it handy. This piece of document would be required by your attorney to prove your case.

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Insurance companies will take advantage of you if your case is not represented

Insurance companies, even when the merchandize has been insured, may want to give you a runaround, claiming the case is still under investigation or that they have no case to answer with you. When you are not properly represented, they may deny your claim or offer you a settlement far below what you deserve.

There are ways to effectively value a case

To correctly know the value of your injury, your attorney will need to know the extent of your injury and must have gone through your medical bill. This is why ir is paramount that you keep them safely. The injury claim for head injuries is usually high but this would depend on the extent of your injury.

Some injuries are common with falling objects

When objects fall on someone, the common injury that may occur is head or brain injury or both. Other injuries that may occur are facial laceration, the object can also result in cuts on the body as it makes its way down, ocular injuries or fractured nose may result and blindness cannot be ruled out when the eyes get involved.

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Article highlights

  • Safety helmets can prevent head injuries.
  • Head injuries can result in minor or major outcomes.
  • The first manifestation of head injury is usually concussion.
  • When the merchandize that fell has been insured, the insurer will pay the claim.
  • When a person is not properly represented, insurance companies may delay or refuse to pay the claims.
  • The number and types of injuries that occur from falling objects are numerous.
  • Head injuries can be life threatening.
  • Those with head injuries would most likely have higher claim.
  • Your attorney will need your medical bill to correctly ascertain your claim.
  • Head injuries usually result from carelessness.

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