Some Factors to Consider before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Some Factors to Consider before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer
Some Factors to Consider before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer
September 4, 2016

Personal injury is one serious factor every society is trying to curtail. Whether the injury sustained is mild or decapitating, it is still classified as personal injury if the series of events that injury is no fault of the victims’. Most personal injury in developed cities results from road traffic accidents.

Human factors lead to most accidents

In the US, over 30 thousand lives are lost annually to road traffic accidents and it may interest you to know that this figure is higher than the deaths that results from all infectious diseases combined. Research has shown that most accidents occur because the driver was driving under the influence of some illicit stuff. On the other hand, there are those that have a queer thrill for speed and also endanger the lives of pedestrians. Mechanical faults like break failure and tires bursts are negligible compared to human errors.

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A personal injury lawyer will help you get compensation

If you have been a victim of personal injury, you must have noticed how financially involving it can be and as a result you will yearn for compensation – just anything enough to lift some of the load off your pocket. You can be certain that you would get some compensation if you get a lawyer involve. There are personal injury lawyers that specialize in such cases.

You need to consider some factors before hiring a personal injury lawyer

The same way you would seek for opinions before getting enrolled into a school is the same way you will have to consider some factors before employing a personal injury lawyer. Some of the factors that should be put into consideration and the reason why they are such an issue are listed below.

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1. Does the lawyer reside in your locality?

When you hire a lawyer for any case, it is unlikely that both of you would see only once. The normal practice is that you and your lawyer meet frequently so that you (the victim) hands he (the lawyer) more details about your condition and in the reverse, the lawyer tells you the progress he has made so far. Having a lawyer that stays in your locality will save you time and money for such visits.

2. Can you trust the lawyer?

There are some people you can give a job and go to sleep peacefully, knowing that the job would be perfectly executed. Is your lawyer that type of person? The only way you can tell if you trust a lawyer is using his past records. If there are very good and verifiable records of his successes, then you can be sure they know what they are doing. Trust makes reaching agreement between the both of you easy.

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3. What experience does your lawyer have?

Experience is by far the most important factor that governs personal injury cases. An experienced lawyer can be judged on a number of facets. First, the number of similar cases he has handled and the amount of success he has made. You can also look at it from the angle of how well he or she knows the law of personal injury. An experienced lawyer will get you maximum compensation.

4. How busy is your lawyer?

A very busy lawyer may mean that he knows his onion and that is why clients are flocking towards him or her. However, if the lawyer is too busy, your case may be left unattended to for a very long time and personal injury cases usually have a shelf life known as statute of limitation.

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Article highlights

  • Human error results in majority of accidents.
  • Personal injury may be mild or severe.
  • An experienced lawyer will help you get maximum compensation.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is the leading cause of road accidents.
  • Over thirty thousand lives are lost in the US annually to road accident.
  • A busy lawyer may abandon your case.
  • Hiring a lawyer in your locality will save you the cost of meeting him.
  • Personal injury lawyer will help you get compensation in court.
  • It is good to make enquiries before hiring a personal injury lawyer.
  • Accidents kill more people than infectious diseases.

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