Statutes of Limitation for Defective Testosterone Lawsuit

Statutes of Limitation for Defective Testosterone Lawsuit
Statutes of Limitation for Defective Testosterone Lawsuit
September 18, 2016

Testosterone is a hormone that is associated with most of the male secondary characters especially the sexual characters. Some men have failing testosterone levels and many manufacturers are coming up testosterone drugs that will boost the level of this singular hormone in the body of the victims. However, the ingestion of these drugs has been shown to have a couple of problems.

Testosterone has been linked to some lethal health conditions

The use of testosterone drugs has been linked to a number of health issues particularly heart attack. Other conditions that have been linked to the use of testosterone are pulmonary embolism, stroke and cardiac failure. The increasing number of patients reporting the one side effect or the other as a result of testosterone use has made it a concern for the FDA.

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Victims of defective drugs are entitled to monetary benefits

One thing that can be said as a right of victims of defective pharmaceutical product is that they need to be given some monetary compensation. The compensation is aimed to help the patient cope with the medical bills of the resulting condition from taking testosterone.

Victims of testosterone side effect need to file their lawsuit within a time frame

If you have used testosterone medication / supplement and have had any of the side effects mentioned, then you can file a lawsuit based on the allotted time frame. If the case is not filed within the deadline, the case can be eliminated and the individual can lose their claim to the financial benefits.

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Statutes of limitation vary from one state to another

Every personal injury lawsuit is bound by statutes of limitation. Statutes of limitation are the time frame or period within which a victim of a personal injury can seek for a redress. This time changes depending on the type of personal injury involved and the state in which the victim resides. The range for statutes of limitation varies from one to three years for side effects from defective testosterone drugs depending on the state.

There are attorneys in the fifty states of the US

Every state of the United States has attorneys that can represent you if you have been a victim of the side effects of the use of testosterone. These attorneys can easily be contacted online. Their phone contacts are sometimes displayed online for flexible communication. Fortunately for victims, legal consultation can be gotten free of charge from those attorneys.

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Statutes of limitation can be ignored in certain instances

Though the status of limitation has passed the victims lose their right to seek financial benefits from the pharmaceutical company, there are times when the status of limitation is abandoned and this is called tolling of the statutes.Some of the cases where the statute of limitation can be tolled include;

  • When the individual has been mentally incapacitated to the point that they cannot file a suit on their own.
  • Individuals under the age of eighteen will have the limit of their status extended to two years after their eighteenth birthday.
  • When the victim has been fraudulently prevented from filing a suit by the defendant.

Most of the states in the US have a statute of limitation maximum of two years

Majority of the states in the US have a Statute of limitation of 2 years save for a few exceptions. One of the states that have the largest time frame for a victim of testosterone drug to file a case is Florida with a four years period. Louisiana State has the least frame of one year.

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Article highlights

  • Testosterone is responsible for secondary characters of a man.
  • For some reasons, the level of testosterone in males drops.
  • Drug manufacturers have developed testosterone drugs.
  • Heart attack and stroke have been linked to the use of testosterone tablet.
  • Victims of defective drugs are entitled to compensation.
  • There is a time frame for filing a defective drug claim known as statute of limitation.
  • Beyond the statute of limitation, the benefit is lost.
  • Statute of limitation varies from one state to another.
  • Every US state has an attorney for defective drug claim.
  • Tolling of the status is an exception to statute of limitation.

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