The Greatest Value Drivers in Personal Injury Claims

The Greatest Value Drivers in Personal Injury Claims
The Greatest Value Drivers in Personal Injury Claims
August 28, 2016

Personal injury cases are really common all across the globe. In such cases, a commoner has to suffer death, physical injuries, mental trauma or economic losses caused due to the negligence of someone else. In such a case, the victim must file a court case and submit all necessary documents that serve as value drivers in order to receive justice and a rightful compensation. A personal injury lawyer will be your best friend while fighting such cases.

Doctor plays a vital role

When it comes to personal injury cases related to accidents and death, the doctor plays a crucial role in settling the case. Every detail comes in extremely handy when trying to settle cases with public or private bodies and even insurance companies. The doctor takes all the necessary notes such as time of arrival, or time of death, the kind of injuries suffered, the expenses of the medication etc.

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Compensation depends on the severity of injury

When a person undergoes personal injury caused due to negligence of another party, then chances are that they may have hurt themselves really badly. This means that the other party must take care of all the medical needs of the victim and apart from that give a handsome compensation as well. The doctor can decide the severity of the injury and the kind of impact will it have on the person’s life.

Injuries that receive most attention

There are certain types of injuries which are given a lot of importance in the court of law. Things such as:

  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Impairment
  • Trauma
  • Disability

These injuries are given special importance in court in most personal injuries cases. So, a doctor can really help in determining the category in which the court case will fall to. The hierarchy of injuries is given importance. So, doctors play a vital role in realizing that.

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Intensity of injury is another determinant

Documenting things like time of arrival, whether the patient was admitted to the hospital or not; if admitted whether the patient was kept in intensive care of not, the intensity of the injury, which body part was injured, does it require surgery, what kind of surgery, whether there is any fixation involved, do other complications arise as well, etc. are some of the questions the doctor needs to answer.

Medication documents are important

The kind of medication given to the victim is also checked. The prescribed medicines, the daily dosage, and the duration of the medication everything is noted down and can be used as evidence in the court of law by the personal injury lawyer.

Complaints of the patient are considered

The complaints of the patients are also documented. Things such as pain, spasms, dizziness, anxiety, motion problems, headaches, etc. are pointed upon. The patient must be compensated according to the physical problem he or she might be facing. The treatment period is also noted down.

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Patient’s history is also valuable

It so happens that the violators only wish to pay compensation (if they are asked to) for the complications which occur only because of the act of negligence caused by them and not for other medical expenditures, which is only fair. Medical history is used to separate the cost of medication for different uses. A doctor’s service comes really handy in such cases.

Hospitalization and follow up to be documented

When a patient is hospitalized and confined to a bed, a lot of expenses take place; they must be compensated by the opponent party. Timing of hospitalization and everything else thereafter need to be documented by the doctors. The prognosis needs to go on periodically.

Duration of treatment in the hospital determines the case

Releasing the patient is a very important aspect and that needs to be documented properly taking care that all necessary details are provided. Future medication as well as further treatments also needs to be taken into consideration even post release.

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Article highlights

  • Medical history of the patient is important.
  • The doctor plays a crucial role in personal injuries cases.
  • Everything needs to be well documented.
  • All documents need to be carefully studied.
  • The intensity of the injury and its severity matter.
  • Documenting the treatment after the release is also important.
  • All the costs must be carefully mentioned.
  • Claims are made according to the medical expenses.
  • The type of injury happens to be one of the most important things which needs to be realized.
  • All diagnoses need to have proper proof to back it up.

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