The Way an Attorney Handles Your Auto Accident Cases and Claims

The Way an Attorney Handles Your Auto Accident Cases and Claims
The Way an Attorney Handles Your Auto Accident Cases and Claims
July 6, 2016

When an auto accident happens, there are always questions about who was at fault and who would be held responsible for the damage. When lives are lost, it is an entirely different story because it results to a whole lot of legal issues to determine if it should be termed as a murder or something else. But, you had better to hire an accident attorney to settle your cases and claims if you have had any kind of physical or mental injury or any other damage in an auto accident.

The insurance company can settle the claim

When accident occurs, let us say, a solo accident or collision with another vehicle that no lives are lost, one can ask for reimbursement from their insurance companies. This is why some countries have made it compulsory that every car must be insured before they are allowed to ply the highways.

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Some insurance companies linger the issue

Some insurance companies take time like forever to pay those that they insure in cases of accident while some will use all possible logics to make sure they do not need to pay at all. Hiring an attorney in such situations may seem to be the smartest thing to do in a bid to get your claims paid at an expedited time.

An accident attorney can help you in accident claims legally

Majority of those involved in accidents are passengers and obviously, there is only one driver. A report put the number of fatal automobile accidents in the United States in 2014 at over twenty nine thousand resulting in over thirty two thousand deaths. This number is alarming and if you include the number of injured, it soars even higher.

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Most of the injured would require a huge amount of money to get proper treatments or must have spent huge sums to get themselves back to their feet. It is only right that they get their money back if they cannot get full compensation or a part of it because the accident was no fault of theirs.

Hire an attorney to get legal advice

In such a situation, an accident attorney would advise the victim on whether to go ahead and file a lawsuit against the driver at fault or if there is a statute of limitation that may prevent them from filing a lawsuit. One of such limitations is that some states demand that the lawsuit must be filed within two years of the accident or will forever be kept mute.

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An accident attorney can handle your case lawfully

Your attorney will compile all legal documents required for strengthening you claim. They are highly knowledgeable in the art of the law and inform you if there are special considerations – for example when a minor is involved.

An accident attorney ensures legal compensation for your loss

Many attorneys work on a contingent fee basis. This means that they can only demand for pay if the situations are positively resolved in favor of the accident victim. This is a relief to accident victims because they will be sure their funds are not going down the drain. They go into negotiations where applicable, and make sure you get what is fair enough for your situation because truth be told, no amount can be adequate or regarded as paying fully for an injury, especially when it is a serious one that leads to permanent disability.

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Article highlights

  • Road traffic accident is on the rise in the United States.
  • No amount is enough to pay fully for an injury or life.
  • Many accident attorneys would not claim money till the case is resolved in favor of the victim.
  • Accident attorneys are the right people to seek advice before filing an accident claim.
  • Majority of those injured or killed in car crashes are passengers.
  • The first issue that comes up when there is an accident is who to blame.
  • Insurance companies are supposed to handle the costs that arise from accident.
  • Without accident attorney, the injured will bear the burden of sinking their money to get treatment.
  • Some insurance companies would always try to evade paying of the claims.
  • Usually claims cannot be filed after two years of the accident.

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